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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Prepare To Be Angry

Still working my way back into the blogosphere and trying to balance all that I have going on at the moment. But that isn't what you need to prepare for.

There is new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) out today, and a two page, declassified version will be released to the public. It basically says that Al Qaeda is dangerous and seeks to strike America at home. You should be angry about that, but that isn't my point either.

It says that Al Qaeda will try and utilize the success in iraq and parlay that into a stronger move to strike America at home. Still not there, but getting warmer.

You have to remember that terrorists view success differently than we do. They view success as killing a few people with a suicide bomber, which in turn gets them three recruits who will kill themselves and a few Americans which results in five get the idea. We view success as either defeating all of these pathetic, stone age morons, or by running from Iraq crying for mama, depending on your political affiliation.

What you should be angry about is the reaction that will come from the "run to mama" crowd. They will take this NIE and proclaim that the only reason we are in danger is because we are in Iraq. Just typing that nonsensical line makes my blood pressure rise, but I guarantee you that the left will harp on this line for the next two years. Well, maybe not two years, but at least through the weekend news shows and the '08 election.

Be angry. The citizenry of this country is being co-opted by the left through a bunch of emotional, tired, ridiculous statements, and will ignore the true meaning of this NIE and what is forecasts.

Pay attention to the NIE. It is composed by 16 intelligence agencies, and is normally pretty accurate. The danger has not passed, and the more we pull these juvenile "all night debates" on the Iraq War because it looks good in the media, and the more we speak of quiting because we have no stomach for a fight, the more danger we are in.

Pay attention to the left, and prepare to have your blood boiling by the end of the day.

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Well said. Libs refuse to beleive the truth about Islamo Facsists and that is why we have to fight more here at homw than we do on the real battlefields against this dangerous enemy.

Kill or be killed that is the truth. I was encouraged by the mention in the report that terrorists did see the US as a harder place to attack now than pre-9/11

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