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Monday, March 05, 2007

The Mainstream Media Has No Bias

Right. Once again, they have proven that they care nothing about integrity, and everything about a left wing agenda.

Over the weekend, at CPAC, the conservative political group that basically grants the conservative card, Coulter used the word "faggot" to describe John Edwards. Even liberals must admit that he is a pretty boy who has never had dirt under his nails, but the Coulter comments were pretty irresponsible and juvenile. Coulter, while always having a good point when she speaks, loses me sometimes with the delivery. But, it works for her because she is getting tons of money while I actually work for a living.

Anyway, Bill Maher made comments about how Arianna Huffington had taken down comments from her blog that had been posted about the wish that Vice President Cheney had been killed in the terror attack that was intended to kill him. Maher made the statemenet that had Chency been killed, others would be alive today.

Which of these two incidents do you think made it to the media? Of course it was Coulter's comments, and nary a word about Bill Maher.

Thank goodness for FoxNews. They may have a Conservative lean, but they alone reported both stories.

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Dont' do as I do, do as I say is the liberal montra and the MSM helps promote this everyday. Remember a liberal can say anything about a conservative and its considered free speech. But anything a conservative says it hate speech. If Coulter had said the Edwards had on a nice suit and dressed well, she would have been accused of insulting liberals who did not have the mega millions to but three thousand dollar suits. Or something as stupid as that.

Netter said...

Let's be real. Ann Coulter is a media dream come true.

The moment she opens her mouth ~ a nightmare unfolds before our very eyes. To say she has a good point seems to be pushing the matter just a bit.

Her only point is to get herself more airtime, sell more books and slink back into whatever hole she crawled out of.
(oops - that was a tad hostile on my part)

No matter who the negative comes from - there is no excuse.

mariestwocents said...

I was pretty astounded at both comments made.

I think they were both wrong.

But you are correct the MSM was all over Ann Coulter and not hardly a peep on Bill Maher.

I peeked over at Huffpo the other day when the news broke that VP Cheney had a bloodclot in his leg, and comment's were off! Imagine that!

Obob said...

Ann Coulter was jealous how Clinton had been making on the speech circut nd thought she could get a couple dollars more on the next deal. As for Maher, he panders to his crowd. I saw a great clip where Christopher Hitchens flips off his audience while degrading them in his articulate fashion. very funny

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