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Monday, January 29, 2007

Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Wants To Be A Republican

"How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin."
-President Ronald Reagan, 1987

Chuck Schumer wants to be a republican but just before he gets to the bridge to cross over, he takes the access road to communism.

He was on the radio this morning, FoxNews I think, but I listen to XM radio in my car so I am not certain. Not that it matters. What matters is the new book that he has out that some have said are raw criticisms of his party. As he was discussing this book, he had some great ideas and some great philosophies. His suggestions to the party sounded much like the GOP Contract with America that he scoffed at a decade ago.

He is a bright guy, and a good speaker. he had some solid suggestions, and most of them I agreed with until....until he got to the point about how to implement them.
An example is the suggestion to improve school funding. Great idea! Let us improve school funding to keep the federal government out of it and elminate the waste, such as my daughter's science teacher whose only lesson on the environment and environmental issues was "An Inconvenient Truth". No counter opinion, none of the other side of science, no alternatives. Schools are supposed to be places where minds are opened and information presented. Unfortunately, she chose to hand-pick the information and therefore present a movie, and all of the assertions, as facts that are not refuted by anyone. She needs to go.

I digress. Schumer went from improving school funding to making the federal government the sole arbiter of funding. The fed will collect all taxes meant for schools, and disperse them as they see fit. He then went on to say that localities would then be forced to lower their property taxes. That means two things. 1) Schumer wants the government to have sole control over education funding, so that they can hold the mighty sword over content and curriculum, so the particular district may go without funding because they are not "approved". 2) It means that localities would be forced to do with less funds, therefore relying more heavily on the federal government for solutions!

He does understand that the dems didn't win in '06 with their positions, and he admits that the only reason they won was the anti-Bush sentiment. He stated that they will give the majority right back to the GOP if they don't win the middle class vote, which they have not gotten in some time because of their agendas.

Reagan also said that government was not the solution, it was the problem. The main problem we face is that our government doesn't realize that Reagan was right.

6 Posts From Readers:

Brooke said...

"Redistribution" of funds is ALWAYS code for socialism!

Nicho said...

With respect to the comment about "An Inconvenient Truth"; what is the other side of the story? I trust you'll be able to show your work, Robert...

WomanHonorThyself said...

Brooke is so right..what a bunch of fools eh............

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a man on the neo-con path. See ya Joe, you guys can have him!

How ya been buddy? I'm on a slow come back, and will shoot you an e-mail when I can.

Robert said...

Nicho, please note that I did not have a problem per se with the showing of the movie. I have actually watched a little bit of it and it is interesting. My issue is with the total lack of any alternative theories or science. There are scientists, although in the minority, who assert that global warming is not the crisis that others portray it to be. There are others who claim that the cause is not due to man and his technological evil. I want schools to be places where people can learn facts, and also learn to think for themselves - to apply the scientific method to approaching theories. I don't mind the movie being shown, but as I said in the letter to the teacher, giving only one side of an issue is not the way to teach, it is the way to indoctrinate.

BB! Good to see you on here. I was shocked! Looking forward to your return, sortof. Other than Nicho, I have been relatively unchallenged lately. The vacation from assault was nice.

Nicho said...

I was just making sure that you were aware that there is no peer-reviewed studies on carbon emissions or global warming in general that doesn't say there is a distinct link between the two. Because I'm sure if there was any that a school would be showing it to their students. Even a federally funded one where curriculum are mandated and standardized.

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