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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The UN Attempted a Resolution Against ISRAEL

These people claim the world stage in the theater of morality. Their morality is a farce...a bomb...and much like Farenheit 911,shameful.

The UN wanted a resolution condemning Israel for their incursion into Gaza. Let me see. Several months ago Israel forced its own citizens fro Gaza to GIVE to Palestine. Now, Palestine makes an incursion into Israel, kills three Israeli soldiers, kidnaps one, and now because Isael responds then THEY are the bad guys? Can you understand now why conservatives despise the UN, and wish it would go away along with the Department of Education? It is a disgusting, immoral, illogical, cowardly organization that had abused the possibility for doing good in the world.

Iran is responsible for this current mess in Israel. They fund Hezbollah and Hamas, to the tune of about $100 million a year. They can stop this with a simple phone call. They could make great headway for peace in the region with a phone call. Instead, they take the opportunity to impact the entire world to make a point to the US that we should bow down to them on the nuclear issue because they can pull the strings of these terrorist organizations and upset the world market on oil.

Be angry, and refuse to give in to another fanatical government.

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