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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

My Fellow Americans,

I come to you today as an agent of change. This past Tuesday America spoke loudly for change. And made histopry in doing so. Forget the politics for a few moments. Sometimes change is good, sometimes bad. Sometimes we resist change just because it is different. Sometimes we welcome it because it is exciting. In these uncertain times we need change that gives us confidence! We need change that allows us to forge a resolve in the fires of strength and wisdom, certainty of purpose and an understanding of the world in which we live.

I have also called for change within the GOP, although it isn’t a new cry from me as I have been doing it for years. America wants change, and so they shall have it. Conservative Commentary has long been dedicated to speaking from the conservative perspective. I am happy to announce an exciting change in the blogosphere, and it is a change that will pave the way for a new conservative movement within the GOP.

Conservative Commentary has always been my place to talk about the things that interest me. Politics, Auburn football, my kids….but today we begin a new era! Beginning today, while not reaching my hand across the aisle, I have reached out the hand of friendship to begin a new partnership.

Jenn, the Conservative Chic who resides in the Palace For A Princess, and I have formed a partnership and today begin a joint effort in a new place dedicated to defining and demanding a return to conservative principles in the Grand Old Party.

Our new place is Conservative Convictions, and can be found at If you have bookmarked either of our blogs, please add this new combined blog to your list.

I have followed Jenn since her first day in the blogworld and have always enjoyed reading her work and pondering her pespective. She writes from a very personal view and exhibits a great deal of passion in writing about those things that capture her attention and imagination. We have communicated directly over the past couple of years and between us there is a natural connection, commonality of thought, similarity in family, and in our discussion about this effort everything fell into place in a short time.

So change is here! I hope that you will find this a place of great interest, good debate, friendship, and solid conservatism. As always, your contributions as encouraged and welcomed regardless of where you sit on the political line! As we move forward, there will be modifications and changes as we work through small details, but drop in often!

Jenn will retain her blog at Palace For A Princess.

8 Posts From Readers:

Frank the Carpenter said...

Great blog, keep punching.

Robert said...

Check out the new will be even better! And a nice blog you ahve working there...Will add it to my blogroll

Brooke said...

Cool. A merger!

Speaking of change, I'm forced to wonder how many times the GOP must get their teeth kicked in by conservatives to realize that this milquetoast centrist attitude just doesn't work?

Robert said...

It is on the horizon Brooke...Please make sure to drop in regularly. I would welcome you in particular to take some ownership of our place and help us forge a path for our country!

intrepid said...

Hello and I want to tell you that I really enjoyed reading this blog It’s refreshing to see something so intelligently written and exploiting vulgarity or crude and done so well. Sometimes you get hooked on a blog and it becomes awfully vulgar and just a bore to read. I don’t understand why some people thing that it’s “cool” to do that. Your blog will have lots of readers Congratulations and great work! thanks for doing this.

Robert said...

Intrepid, thanks for your kind words and for your time! Please make sure and go to the new site...It will make this one look childish!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with this.
Robert and Jenn, I would like to see you two do a blog on how close would Obama be to the White House if the entire mainstream news media had not been solidly behind him and doing everything to block any possible negative story that came out about his past, his associates, his voting record, Biden's constant gaffs, and on and on. And if the MSM were on McCains side instead.
I think that would make a very interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the cause - we need change for the better. I'm not sure where these next 4 years will lead us and I don't like that.

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