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Friday, October 31, 2008

This Needs To Be Out To Everyone, And Fast

To all those people who hate those who make more than $250,000 because you are green with envy, did you think you were safe? Did you think you would get something and sit back and watch those who spend three times as much money as you get screwed? You know, the guy who can afford the Hummer that your dad/brother/son/husband sold him? Now he can get the shaft and might not be able to buy one. Of course, if no one is buying them, then there isn't a need for Hummer salesmen. If we aren't selling them, then we don't need a truck driver to get them to dealerships. If dealerships don't have sales, then there is no need for people to change the oil in cars that don't get bought, so the autoshop at Wal-Mart doesn't need those guys. And since no one is selling or buying them, we don't need anyone to make them, so the 4,000 people at the factory are laid off. If the factory closes, then we don't need people to cut the grass at the factory or clean the floors, electricians to make changes, human resources to support the workers, maintenance men to change lightbulbs, or painters to keep the place new and fresh.

So while you are miserable because someone has more than you, and because you want to government to equalize the playing field, you have put 6,000 people out of work because of your envy. What did you just do to the economy? How do you think you will get your handout if 6,000 people aren't working, and standing in line with you?

So we need to drop that 250K threshold to $150K, or at least that's what Biden said a week ago.

Couple that with the announcement today that Obama advisors are creating a plan to lower economic expectations, despite the hope and change he has been selling. Now it seems that the magic number is $120,000 according to Obama. Apparently, $120,000 is the upper limit of the middle class and only those who make below that number get a tax cut. Where do you fall on the income line? Do you feel so safe now? Listen to this clip from Governor Bill Richardson, telling us what the Obama number is for his tax plan.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm, first it is 250,000......then 150,000.....then 120,000

I'm taking bets on 100,000.

Going once, twice, SOLD!

Chicago Ray said...

It'll be 42,000 sooner than later as that's what it was under Clinton who executed the largest middle class tax increase in history. Another tidbit...

"That example of 42,000 a year in wages is especially relevant, because just last year Senator Obama voted to raise taxes on individuals making that amount." ...John McCain last week

Matt Osborne said...

If your argument had merit, then the 1990s should have brought recession. Obama's only talking about restoring marginal tax rates to pre-2001 levels.

Furthermore, the idea that rich people will disinvest if their taxes go up 3 percentage points is silly. Are you telling me that a person making a million dollars this year will get so upset they refuse to make another million, or try making two million, the year after?

In the meantime, Joe Six-Packs like me would like some relief so we can afford to go out and buy those widgets the millionaires are selling. Current tax policy is just as redistributionist, but in the other direction, sending wealth up rather than down. If that's such good news for American workers, why are our real wages 1% lower than they were in 1980?

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

I doubt that anyone will stop trying to make another million. After all, that is why they are "rich" in the first place and why they are labeled as targets - they will always seek to make that next million dollars.

The problem is those who sit at the bottom and wai for him to make his next million so that they can get their "share."

Apparently, there are fewer an fewer Joe Six-Packs as the tax plan moves forward. Joe Six-Pack needs to quit worrying abut how much someone else has and spend that time trying to make his first million.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Chicago Ray and Matt, welcome and thanks for visiting. I hope you can make it back often.

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