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Friday, October 17, 2008

This Is Rich

I related this at Heidi's place, linked at the left under my recommended blogs:

While playing hooky from work today I watched election coverage and Obama was making a speech in Ohio. He related one of those campaign stories about encountering the owner of a restaurant and the following things came out during the convo:
-The owner is republican.
-Business isn't great.
-Customers can't afford to eat out these days.
-Republicans ran the economy for the last eight years

So Obama then uttered the most apt description of his platform and the democrat economic policy ever:

"Why not choose democrats for change? We can't do any worse!"

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Anonymous said...

"We can't do any worse" HA, HA, HA....don't make me laugh! Ummmm, how about destroying the country by "distributing the wealth" or socialized healthcare? Or maybe......our military and security. Ooh, ooh....I know another.....what about foreign affairs. It could get so much worse then we are now, and it's so obvious most anyone with a working brain can see it!

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