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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who Knew A Woman Would Eradicate Liberal Feminism?

I have been on a couple of blogs this past week where the discussion centered around Sarah Palin, her physical appearance, and her qualifications and competence. Other bloggers like me have commented that Sarah Palin is hot. I don’t think there is a significant amount or argument about that fact.

After the commentary about her hotness, there is further discussion about her appeal to conservatives and how she is the personification of energy. When she take the lectern to speak the crowd is automatically alert and in tune. Her political views are about as conservative as one can get and are reminiscent of Goldwater and Reagan. However, I have been called a sexist for even pointing out that I think Palin is an attractive woman.
She believes in the power of individuals. She believes in limited government and that when appropriate functions are conducted by government then they should be done ethically, morally, and within the confines of their authority.
Further, she is exactly what young conservatives have been seeking.

Now for the best part of her candidacy. I have not heard, despite decades of liberal/democrat assertions, a single conservative say she is unqualified because she is a woman. No conservative has expressed remorse that she is wearing shoes and has a job. No conservatives have questioned her ability to make choices in her life regarding the balance of family and work. No one on the right has said that she is not “tough” enough to handle the environment of Washington. Of course, no one on the right has made a lifetime campaign of “women’s rights” and staking their every move and thought on finding sexism.

Enter the National Organization for Women and Oprah. The NOW gang has made an industry out of “public service” and trying to help women break the glass ceiling. They supported Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton. They were beside themselves with the belief that Hillary was a shoe-in for President and finally a woman would break through and the world would erupt in puppies and rainbows, and peace and justice would fall like manna from heaven.

Oprah broke ranks with her sisters to support her brother. Enter the democrat party that nominated a black man instead of the woman. It derailed the exodus from oppression that all women feel.

Enter John McCain and the GOP. A very attractive, energetic, competent, confident, conservative woman was asked to be the Vice-Presidential nominee. Oprah can come back to the fold! The NOW gang can punch through that ceiling once and for all! The heavens can still open and bring justice to oppressed women everywhere! But wait, did someone say she wasn’t a liberal?

The rabid, radical, extreme feminist movement has hopefully been fully exposed. Exposed for the lying, hypocritical, liberal movement that is radical feminism. They care nothing about women’s rights. What they care about is liberal women’s rights and forcing people to feel bad that a woman hasn’t been elected. They are not joining the Palin movement, they are not citing the benefit to women, they are not supportive at all of her candidacy. Oprah refuses to have her on the show, despite her years of advocacy for women’s issues. The bottom line is that they don’t care for a woman on the ticket unless she is a liberal woman. It is justice from heaven that the republican party, and conservative America will elect the first woman to the Vice-Presidency and unless she blows it, elect the first woman to the White House.

These left wing fanatics have been exposed for the world to see. I hope that as the glass ceiling shatters it will drown out the nails being driven in the coffin of liberal feminism.

EDIT: I knew I forgot to mention something. Wasn't it the extremist fems that have ranted and tailed about Hilalry's treatment by the media? Yet they engage in the same behavior toward Palin? hippopot....Hypnotis...what is that word? Hypocrisy....yeah, that the one I was looking for.

6 Posts From Readers:

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

There are over 50,000 e-mails like the following

I, and three of my friends, want to approve of the statement "women say no to Palin". We are all from Portland, Oregon, and live in an Assisted Living facility.
–Marilyn L. age 83; Alice Olson, 80; Doris Elle, 89; and Janet J., 86

As an Independent voter on the fence about the election, my decision was made with the nomination of Sarah Palin. Barack Obama will certainly get my vote. I could never vote for a woman who would deny women the ability to make different choices than she did. While I respect her decision to have her Down's Syndrome child, we should not ignore the fact that 9 out of 10 women are choosing the other option. Though I have seen articles saying that the book banning question was merely a rhetoric question: why even ask it in 2008? It implies that she was considering the option. I could perhaps live with the above issues if I wasn't so scared about what she would do to the environment. For an energy expert, she seems to concentrate on the continued addiction to fossil fuels and not looking at alternative clean energy sources. The fact that she publicly denies that our behavior has affected global warming and the environment makes me question how critically she looks at an issue
–Gail S., 55, New York, NY

I am horrified by the choice that McCain made for his Vice President nominee.I do not agree with any of her views, she does not demonstrate or uphold any of my interests as American women. Sarah Palin knows nothing of economics (admittedly a weak area for McCain), or of international affairs; she knows nothing of national government, social Security, unemployment, health care systems—you name it. The idea of her meeting with heads of foreign governments around the world truly frightens me.
–Lisa R., 37, Sausalito, CA

Governor Palin speaks well, is pretty, and is loved by her husband. However, I would rather have a vice-president who is sensitive to the environment, who does not use ridicule an esteemed opponent, and who is aware of government's responsibility to its citizens who are ill-equipped to lead independent, productive lives.
–Claire H., 85, Tennessee

Sarah Palin is perfectly entitled to her own beliefs, but I am vehemently against a representative of the religious right trying to legislate their brand of morality to me and my daughers (I have four). These people are two loose cannons on a rolling deck and I genuinely fear for the future of our great country. If John McCain is unable to see his term through, Sarah Palin is next in line as leader of the Free World. Not only is Ms. Palin vastly under-qualified to deal with the complex issues we face both abroad and at home, her limited world view and rigidity present a very real danger to us all. John McCain has said many times how much he loves his country and I must believe that's true. I must also believe that he is no longer mentally fit to make decisions of great import concerning the future of America, otherwise he would not have so deliberately put us in harm's way with the selection of Sarah Palin.
–Olivia R., 53, Boulder, CO

I am an eighteen-year-old college freshman at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC. I'm registered to vote in Pennsylvania. I have chosen to attend the fourth most environmentally friendly college in the country, where the student body as a whole is very concerned with political and environmental issues. The idea that the better part of 850 students can be fighting so hard to change the world while, at the same time, people like Sarah Palin are trying to undo all that we are working for, is devastating. I strongly support women's right to hold political office, but Sarah Palin opposes almost everything I believe. Sarah Palin, although she is a woman, is by no stretch of the truth an advocate for women's rights, especially on issues of birth control and abortion.
–Alice S., 18, Asheville, NC

I am an 85-year-old mother of three, grandmother of two, and have voted in every presidential election since the fourth term of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I am philosophically a Democrat, but I respect other party alliances and opinions if they are based on what they deeply feel is best for the country. The selection of Sarah Palin is an insult to the country and to the women of this country—her stated beliefs are antithetical to what women have fought to gain the right to vote, and to what we want for the future of our children and our grandchildren. Political pandering is disgusting, but, above all, extremely dangerous to America's future.
–Gloria E., 85, Los Angeles, CA

You can read the rest of the 50,000+ letters at

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

The rabid, radical, extreme feminist movement has hopefully been fully exposed. Exposed for the lying, hypocritical, liberal movement that is radical feminism.

And who the hell are you, a man, telling women what is good for them. Call yourself a hypocrite !!!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll just figuring this out? What rock you been under man. This liberal guy could have told you everything you needed to know about Oprah, et al, years ago.

They are a weapon. Nothing more, nothing less. If Rove were to switch sides, he would find a way to use it to full effect.

Every faction, on every side are tools. I better stop before I get into my crazy conspiracy theories again :)

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

BB, you know better. I have been lied to by street thugs who were less transparent, and you know what I mean.

Not just figuring it out. I am hoping that those naive souls who haven't are beginning to understand...

And go ahead with your nutso rantings...its why we were drawn together int he first

Anonymous said...

I love the attention you got from octopus. I'm on her side, but I bet I get a good brow beating too, if she comes back. You are such pot stirrer! Knock it off man ;)

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

You can attest that all views are welcome here. I don't promise they will be warmly accepted, but they are welcome.

What is the point in bloggging if you can't piss someone off occasionally? Without that, we are nothing but the NBC Nightly News....

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