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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Single Issue Voting

I have never understood people who decide a candidate based on their opinion on a single issue. I would not vote for a republican who was liberal on fiscal issues, national defense, U.S. Supreme Court nominees, the Second Amendment, and spitting on the sidewalk but was pro-life. I think we should evaluate the candidate and the totality of their beliefs.

That being said, I am going to be a single issue voter this time. Sarah Palin is my single issue. She is hot. Not only attractive, but intelligent. She brings excitement to the GOP. She is young and bright in a party of dull, stagnant, forgot-why-they-got-elected old guys. She will only get better over time.

I am feeling the excitement of the political season for the first time in years. Usually this time of the year I am excited about Auburn football, yet I really haven't felt much in that regard as of yet. I am sure it will come, as it always does. Perhaps I need a road trip to the campus to invigorate myself.

But I digress. There is much trash being thrown about regarding Palin and her life. I have yet to hear anything that will stand the test of time. What I see in her is fresh ideas, a fresh perspective, and the potential for a new direction in D.C.

There hasn't been a better choice for a nominee since Reagan. My good friend Truth-Pain had this post about the cool factor needing to be established in the GOP couple of months ago, and hit the nail on the head. Too bad he didn't get paid for it. He told me just a few minutes ago that Palin had made conservatism cool again. I couldn't agree more. This will be one fun season!

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Truth-Pain said...

Broadcasting live ("en vivo", to the local population)from a Starbucks from Watsonville, Califonia....

I watched -with plenty great interest- the Palin speech last night. No doubt about it, she hit out of the park. She was on point, the speech-writer made it personal enough to be "hers" but open enough to drop a few napalm runs on the Democratic Agenda.

I found her biting, sarcastic wit very endearing. But then again, I am one sarcastic fool myself so she was preaching to the choir of my heart during the whole thing,... But a couple of things really stood out to me. Some great.... some that left me scratching the head.

The good? She left the hot-topic issues of abortion and religion off the table. Everyone knows her stance so to mention them would be redundant. But by giving a culturally soaring speech she spoke to much more people than if she would have given too many details of her personal beliefs. Major points. She can deliver a speech. Good cadence, knows the pauses, even ad-libed when (as we later hears) her tele-prompter had a wardrobe malfunction... she did not skip a beat and nobody noticed. Excellent. To think anybody could have topped Rudy's red meat?... that was the icing on the cake, I thought. I've never seen a woman so beautifully stab an opponent through the heart with a blunt spoon, all while smiling and blowing kisses to her family... (what kind of blood does this woman have?...)

The one weird thing?... did ANYBODY notice the weird body language she has with McCain? both during her introduction last week, and last night when he came out to hub her,.. she had this strange look on her fact. The look said "Shit John, I'm still breast-feeding and my boobs hurt"..... or "I really don't like hugging but I guess I have too....".Did anybody catch those two moments? She better learn how to mask those facial flubs. You're not in Anchorage anymore, babe. If an idiot like me can catch onto that, surely others will and you will hear how she really doesn't "know" McCain or that they really don't feel comfortable with the other. I know, its being picky, but politics is all about perception. And i would have preferred they not hug at all and just stand there.... but then again, John is just not a huger. Maybe his arms not being able to fully function has something to do with it?... I don't know... maybe my feminine side is just blooming right now as I inhale this quart of coffee....

Anonymous said...

I have the speech recorded. I'll watch it and the McCain speech after the skins game and get back to you.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Palin's views on abortion are so radical that the majority of women would reject them if they thought through the consequences:

Should a woman be forced to bear a rapist's child or a child of incest, even though she may become suicidal? According to Palin, "yes."

Would a woman want one of the violent rapists who inhabit our prisons to be in her family's genetic future? According to Palin, "yes."

Palin as President is a real, and scary, possibility.

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