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Monday, September 01, 2008

Gustav - And How The Government Learned

Gustav roared ashore but was soon after a simple Cat I Hurricane. On the Gulf of Mexico, this is just a big old summer storm....Perhaps a bit hyperbolic but you get the drift.

The government took no chances. There was a forced evacuation and pre-positioned supplies. The National Guard was activated five days before for hurricane relief in multiple states. The evacuation was orderly and there was adequate transportation. The GOP was smart enough to postpone a good amount of the convention, to preserve the perception that they were heartless.

I think they panicked, personally. Mass evacuations were talked about before the thing even entered the 5 day forecast models, and those are inaccurate. I think it probably shows that New Orleans isn;t any more ready for catastrophe any more than they were before Katrina. If the levee money was wasted before 2004, what would you say happened since 2004?

I have always loved N'awlins as a getaway spot. There is nothing better than beignets and chicory coffee at Cafe du Monde at sunrise. Little House of Blues and a cigar-smoke filled room. Pat O'Brians hurricanes in a gallon size cup while taking in the immorality of Bourbon Street. I only wish that the excitement over the good things about the city transferred to public officials in preparing the lesser attractive parts for disaster.

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rockync said...

I thought perhaps they jumped the gun with the evacuations, also but, when you consider the number of people that must be moved and the fact that the levees are still not trustworthy, well, better safe than sorry. When they called for the evac, Gustav had all the earmarks of a super storm. I think an orderly evacuation and return is a far better event than watching the anguished, dying masses in the chaos that was Katrina.

Anonymous said...

Let's call that a practice run. It really boggles my mind. When the wife and I lived in FL, we rode out 2 cat 3's. But FL has their thing together, and we were well prepared because of the state's ability to communicate simple information.

And have you been watching the RNC? Yawn. They need to find some fire. I might be representing the other side, but I still want to see a good fight.

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