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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Do What I Say, Not What I Do...

How many of you have heard that from parents or even spoken it to your children? I know I have. Sometimes adults do things that aren't appropriate for children, and sometimes we are just bad examples and want our kids to ignore that we are being rude, or bad, or immoral while we continue to do the act anyway.

So my question to libs is this: Don't you get tired of being the child of the democrat party? I am talking specifically in this case about Al Gore and his horrendous use of energy at his mansion while winning and whining the Nobel Peace Prize for his environmental activism. He wants you to ignore what he does, and go out and do as he says. Terrible. I would think that those on the left would tire of this two-tiered approach to politics. One tier for the politicians, the second tier for the lambs.

The same is true of taxes. All of these libs want more taxes, yet I don't know a single one of them who voluntarily pays 50% of their income every April. I would think if they believed in it then they would lead by example.

Then we have Jesse Jackson, who believes that he should be allowed to say whatever he wants, yet barrage anyone else who makes statements he doesn't like. He has engaged in many crusades, many of them unfounded, against people who speak the same language he uses in his private life.

I am amazed that these people continue to have the following that they enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

I think profit and wealth are wonderful things (libertarian much?) but I also think the way Al Gore lives is sinful. Guess I'm an ascetic libertarian?

danny wright said...

It's all long emotion and short on brain cell.


All of these libs want more taxes, yet I don't know a single one of them who voluntarily pays 50% of their income every April.

How about these folks:

People like Paul Newman, who is the main subject of this post, who just gave away an entire lifetime of fortune building for a charity (Robert, Real Heroes Are Quiet, June 10, 2008).

Shall we also mention Warren Buffet who gave away $45 billion to the Gates Foundation.

For the record, Paul Newman and Warren Buffet are liberals and Obama supporters. I guess that makes two.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

My friend Eco, I have been amazed at the disbursement of the entire fortunes to charities. Notice that they did not give these billions of dollars to the government. newman did not dedicated his money to Health and Human Services to feed hungry children. Buffet did not give his away to the Department of Education.

They know as well as you and I do that the government is the worst place to contribute money to see a result. They gave the money to a place where it will do some good.

I would love to hear of the liberal who gives half of his income voluntarily to the IRS.


All of these libs want more taxes, yet I don't know a single one of them who voluntarily pays 50% of their income every April.

The problem is one of framing. Have you named one conservative who voluntarily pays 50% of the income every April? I hear this kind of liberal bashing all the time, as if conservatives are somehow more morally superior than anyone else. There is even this line at top of your blog that says: "You are among the elite!" Although liberals are always accused by wingers of being "limousine elitists" with no moral fiber. Frankly, this kind of gratuitous stereotyping characterizes all forms of bias and bigotry whether it is directed at Jews, Afro-Americans, Moslems, Asians, women, and, yes, even political persuasions. I am not impressed.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

I don't know anyone who voluntarily pays 50% of their income in taxes, but it is not conservatives who espouse tax increases and capital gains increases and the government taking more of my pay!

I don't know any conservatives who try and bully people about environmental issues yet run up a 28K power bill each month, or whatever it is.

"You are among the elite" means that you have the taste to read my blog. It is a tongue in cheek, self-effacing comment since you will notice that I don't have a million readers.

Eco, something must be dreadully wrong, as you are unusually dour these days. Can I help? And that is a serious question, not a flippant one.


There was a time when I paid the maximum tax rate but I did no mind because life was kind, and I did not begrudge paying more than a fair share because I knew there were others who could not. There is a term, Noblesse Oblige, that refers to the obligations of the more fortunate on behalf of those less fortunate. I feel a certain dissonance and disconnection in this era of unbridled greed that is fathomless. These are not my values and core beliefs.

You asked about dourness. Indeed, I feel a basic trust has been betrayed.

Anonymous said...

As long as you understand not all libs follow these people.

There is also the matter of the Western White House. A model of energy efficiency, that you could say is contrary to Bush's own policy record. Yet people still follow him. The man has an opportunity to trump Al, but all he sees are dollar signs because big business is making money from pollution. Money that gets thrown back into repub coffers.

I've pretty much had it with all politicians. None of them, not one that I know of, are doing one single thing to improve this country. And you know what? It's all human nature. Every last one of them have their own personal interest in mind at the end of the day. They all go to sleep comfortable in the knowledge that this country and it's citizenry are going to make them another nickel tomorrow.

We need to bring back the days of yore, when nobles flew their own personal standard. You know, so I can identify who to throw rotten over priced food at when a banner rolls by.

Rolling over another year in my life has added an extra layer of cranky.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

I have pretty much had my fill of all of them, regardless of party. I enjoy pointing out the inconsistencies and stupidity, not to mention just plain old lies and conniving.

I am with you. I thought I was cranky when I was young....I won't be able to stand myself at 60.

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