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Monday, June 09, 2008

Holy Cow! It Has Been 10 Days!

I am sorry to have been absent for so long, my friends. Perhaps I have been lurking at Truth-Pain's place for too long and his affinity for sabbaticals has transferred to my brain.

Much has happened! The big news is that the Dems have conceded the '08 election to John McCain by selecting Obama as their man. It won't be easy, since the electorate has enjoyed four additional years of public schools since the last election. Imagine daughter was in 9th grade when I voted in 2004, this year will be her first election. She is incapable of selecting a prom dress on her own, much less the leader of the free world...I am scared.

But nonetheless, we press on here despite our absence. I don't even know why life has been so crazy, but it has been utter chaos! Not really, but the hot Alabama summer is upon us and we have been at the lake and doing Civitan projects and enjoying the kids being out of school. What more can life offer...

So I leave you again with the promise that it won't be 10 days. Maybe three, perhaps nineteen....but you have my word that it won't be 10....

Keep the sense of humor!

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Anonymous said...

Surely she can select a prom dress on her own! LOL I wonder if my daddy talked smack about me when I was 18?

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