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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can We Reboot Politicians Like We Have To Reboot Windows?

If only it were so easy...I know it is annoying when you are sitting there humming along and some piece of technology like an internet browser or a modem burps and you have to stop what you are doing, sometimes losing your work, and reboot the device.

But wouldn't it be convenient if we could do this to our political parties? BOTH of them need some serious upgrades, and if you don't believe it look at the current debate over gas prices. Seriously, STOP what you are doing right this minute and spend a couple of minutes in silent thought.

My belief is that the two parties have to different ideas as to what needs done for energy. Unfortunately, both of them are missing have of the solution. The GOP wants to expand oil production and refining capabilities. This is a good measure that should have been done at any point in the last three decades.

The Dems want to set a "reasonable" profit on oil companies and tax them at higher rates for anything over this arbitrary and senseless limit. What is ironic is that they want to punish price fixing on the part of OPEC countries, yet insist on price fixing by way of taxation on American companies. They really want to tell American companies what profits are acceptable and what profits are too high. How about passing all of the investments that Senators have to a citizen review board and let us draw the "reasonable" line on their income? maybe we should draw a "reasonable" line on Al Gore's movie and book deals. Perhaps Whitewater returns were over the "reasonable" mark. How about the books written by the Clintons? Were their profits "reasonable? Maybe set a limit of 1,000 for Bill Clinton speeches, and limit them to once per week. I bet this wouldn't fly, hmmmmmmm?

So we need a reboot. The parties are stuck in a boot loop and we need to break it. We need a combination of ideas that encourage alternative energy production while increasing our current technology, and that is oil. Are you mad at the oil companies? I think you are just mad that it takes $60 to fill the tank. I know I am....

But we need real solutions and not pandering ones. We need people in government to take this seriously, because they don't. Terrorism hell, we are being held captive by a supplier who holds all the cards! And the entire time they are laughing because we are buying from them a product that we already have. Kind of like the buying sand from Florida residents...doesn't make much sense.

And neither does stomping on capitalism and reducing the profit motive of companies. Instead of eliminating tax breaks, CHANGE the parameters of those breaks. Make them a dollar for dollar break against research and development of alternative energy. Give them a ten year deadline to produce a technology that will replace gasoline in cars. You have to set performance standards as well. If necessary, deadlines can be extended.

We all need to let our people know that some bipartisanship and common sense is needed on this issue. We all share a common interest, indeed a common need, for sensibility in this arena of public policy.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to reboot the whole government.

The day someone with a lick of common sense ascends to the throne, will be the same day the sun explodes and engulfs the whole planet.

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