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Friday, May 30, 2008

Obama Learns, But The Message Persists

Obama has another thorn in the side from a preacher at his church. Michael Pfleger decided that the pulpit was designed not for preaching grace and divine love, but race and hate. I can't deny that Clinton thinks she is entitled to not only the dem nomination but the Presidency itself, but to insert a racial component to that notion is a little much.

Obama learned from the first flap, and quickly denounced the words. He did not denounce the man and his perspective. In fact, Obama earmarked $100,000 for Pfleger's youth center. The message of race still persists, and Obama will begin to lose support if this continues to happen.

Here in the south we have been looked down upon by those more "enlightened" folks from north of Tennessee and west of Arkansas. We have been abused by Hollywood in their hyperbolic cinema manifestations of life in the south. People look down their noses at the south because we are "backwards"; I guess that means we aren't as progressive and intellectual as those from the north. We are forever marked as racists and bigots, when in truth the south has risen above the sad history of racial conflicts. Perhaps not completely, as there are racial lines in geography just as in every city in America. The most desperate social conflict in America today is economics, not race.

I say that to say this: The south has no issues with a woman running the free world. We have no issues with a black man running the free world. What we have a problem with is ultra liberals running anything that affects us on a daily basis, and that includes the free world.
It isn't white America that fosters racial divide. It isn't southern rednecks who assert racial hatred. It is the liberal wing of the dem party that does so.

Your friends define who you are as a person and as a public figure. My friends are parents, and sports coaches, and cub scout leaders and business owners. Some are everyday hard working people who barbecue on my lawn while our kids play. Not a single one of them has radical ideas or fanatical beliefs (Auburn and Alabama football excepted).

You can't escape your associations. Obama is appearing more and more to be party to those who have a slanted notion of America and of race. Pay attention to this issue. It is an important one.

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Shaw said...

Well we had a Texan who led the free world into a disasterous war, and he had a really, really cynical man [K.R.] as his chief advisor, who played the evangelicals for everything he could get from them, while he himself is areligious.

Millions and millions of Catholic Americans [a lot of Supreme Court] still stay with an organization that looked the other way while its priest raped children. Those leader of that Church are still in leadership positions.

You must apply the same indignation against people like Justices Scalia, Roberts, Alito, and Thomas for staying with an organization that did NOTHING for many, many years while little children were being raped.

Those people are STILL running the Catholic Church. And one of them is the Pope.

Americaneocon said...

Pfleger's an idiot. I say let him preach some more, so we'll have additional videos to go viral!!

Obob said...

elvis has left the building. Obama is no longer a member. Do you think he quit before or after the last check cleared? I bet he paid cash to hide the trail.

shaw kenawe said...

It isn't white America that fosters racial divide. It isn't southern rednecks who assert racial hatred. It is the liberal wing of the dem party that does so.

May I respectfully point out that the Republican Party does not have one single Afro-American serving in Congress. Not one

And approximately 98% of our Afro-American fellow citizens proudly call themselves Democrats.

So your assertion sounds a bit off, to say the least.

You believe the Democrats promote racial hatred?

Where is the evidence? If you truly believe what you post, then you must have to believe the corollary--that the Afro-Americans who proudly identify with the Democrats--liberal and conservative--must be too uninformed (stupid?) to see how racist the Democratic Party is, why else would they stay in it?

How else can you possibly explain why AAs continue to support the Democrats and their programs?

Your claim is baseless and supported by your hatred of liberals--not fact.

PS. Obama did quite poorly in the Democratic primaries in W.VA and Kentucky--southern states with poor white populations. But he did well in northern or northwestern states with poor white populations.

Can you explain the discrepancy there--see, the two states where he did poorly did not have a large black population--mostly white, and southern, but the other states, Oregon and Iowa are mostly white and not southern and voted for him in large numbers.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

You may respectfully point out anything you wish, Shaw.

The GOP does not have any black senators or representatives in Congress. That might be because there are very few black members of the GOP. The GOP would welcome with open arms hordes of black Americans who join our party.

I believe that the left wing has created such an entitlement class and a dependency class that they pander to black Americans en masse. It is conservatives who believe in the adage that if you teach a man to fish, then he eats for a lifetime. The left believes the opposite; certain classes are so incompetent that the only thing we can do is to give them their daily rations and continue to do so forever. Further, the left wing does not promote home ownership, real education, business opportunities, or equality with the black community. They prefer to rally them around a higher minimum wage, as if they can do no better so we must increase the insult by raising it a few pennies per hour every ten years or so. Show me a single liberal politician who has said "To hell with a minimum wage increase, lets instead find a way to educate and work ourselves out of the blighted inner city and move more people to the middle class!" I won't hold my breath.....

The modern democratic party promotes racism through classism..that is, they berate the "haves" for having, and demand not equal opportunity through education, but demand that the "haves" sacrifice to spead the wealth.

Obama did well among those who eat friend chicken and not so well against those who eat ground beef. Those who indulge in catalope for breakfast supported him far less than those who eat Captain Crunch (my personal favorite in the junk food breakfast category).

Splice it any way you want, Obama did well in the "real" south, of which West Virginia and Kentucky do not belong. The Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississipi are where the Civil Rights struggle centered, not Louisville whose airport is actually in Ohio. Those same states can becompared by income as well as race.

I wrote a post after the ALabama primary about how surprise, albeit pleasently, that Obama did so well in the south and in my state particularly.

rockync said...

I'm not in complete agreement with Robert as to what group is responsible for continuing to perpetuate a racial divide in this country. Personally, I see ignorant neanderthals from both sides of the fence spouting hate and trying to cause divisions.
But I agree with him in his assessment that the real South by and large has risen above the racial conflicts of old.
Racism will survive and thrive as long as there are those of any skin color who insist on spewing forth hatred and misconceptions.
As for my state of North Carolina, we have an extensive work for welfare program in place designed to give people a hand up while getting them trained and back to work. And this was put in place under a Democratic governor. We, as a country still have a lot to do, but there has been much progress made. If only the pinheads who foster racism could be moved out of the way so us regular folk could do what we usually do; get along.

Obob said...

a buddy of mine described the racism of the south versus the north. The same amount was always there, the north just hid hit.
Sad but there is some very strong points. Look at the race riots in New York in the Civil War, Boston in the 80s and there is a growing tension on the east coast as is. And let me tell you of the racists scattered everywhere.
Racism can only be defeated in the streets and in the trenches. It cannot be judicially or legislatively erased. Only by us

Anonymous said...

obob hit it on the head. It starts with parenting.

I have heard and seen racism all my life. This is probably true of most or all Americans. If you listen to someone's complaint, it's usually a valid one. It's not until they decided to pin the blame on another cultural group that the complaint becomes the problem.

This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It's an American issue.

The whole country needs to grasp the concept of tolerance. When that happens - my god - world peace might just break out.

rockync said...

Beltway, this has always been my same contention; if you don't perpertuate the racism, it will die out.
Once I started having children, I determined that they would never hear an ethnic slur in my home. They spent their early years oblivious to any sort of prejudice and made friends based on similar interests.
By the time they heard the words of hate and ignorance, they were old enough for me to explain how stupid and hurtful those words were and how irrelevant they were to their friendships.
The words still exist and they heard them but they had lost all power; they became just words.
I believe this kind of mindset starts at home and we parents are responsible for how our children grow up viewing thier fellow citizens.

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