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Friday, May 09, 2008

A Humanitarian Disaster That Is Becoming Criminal

The military government of Myanmar is confiscating relief supplies being flown to the country. It is estimated that the death toll will reach 100,000 from the post-disaster illnesses and such, and right now there are at least 22,00 dead and 40,000 missing. The government is refusing to allow relief workers from outside, and is denying U.S. aid.

Further, there is a holiday in Myanmar that the government is actually going to shut down and celebrate. They are refusing to work over the weekend to process visas for assistance. They actually turned an aircraft full of supplies away because it included a relief team.

There are two things that the U.S. military is good at without fail. One is killing people and breaking things. The other is rapidly providing humanitarian assistance as was done after the Tsunamis in 2004. No other country in the world has our capability do respond as quickly and as overwhelmingly as the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Marine Expeditionary Units are designed so that they can be on the ground anywhere in the world within 48 hours and conduct combat operations for 30 days without resupply or assistance. An aircraft carrier battle group responding to the disaster would save thousands of lives, and in this case possible tens of thousands.

The government of Myanmar is corrupt, immoral, and just downright evil to refuse help for their citizens where they have no hope of being able to do it themselves. I support unilateral action - the Navy and Marine Corps should immediately begin air drops and relief operations with or without the support of the military government of Myanmar. I am pretty sure that they can't stop us.

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TRUTH-PAIN said...

Its interesting you should mention this because i learned (at American Interest) that during the California power shortages, a dry-docked Nuke carrier was tethered to the city grid and the Carrier's power plant basically lit up most of San Diego County all by itself. Power? I'll bet the Eisenhower can supply power to the country in full without breaking a sweat. SAC can have a roll in about 20 Galaxy C5's every hour and before you know it there would be a flooding of another kind..., American Humanitarian muscle. Too bad we don't have any protesters demanding the military take action for this,.... its is so ironic it borders on comical.

rockync said...

I'm with you, Robert, we need to start dropping relief supplies and if the UN has any backbone whatsoever left, they will support the move. This is about human beings in pain and suffering. I doubt their little tin soldier regime could stop us.

Obob said...

alas the UN lacks the backbone and would rather see thousands die than risk.
Of course the LA Times is blaming the Bush Admin for the lack of cooperation with junta.
And where are the liberals of Hollywood crying out aganist true tyranny and inhumane treatment of the dying?

TRUTH-PAIN said...

.... The world would suck a lot less if we had stable and efficient internet-provider service,.... would it not Sir Robert?....

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

It would indeed. Is there any such thing as a company that prides itself on reliablity and service?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Hollywood liberal, but if you like, I can cry out against true tyranny and inhumane treatment of the dying.

Now for the "Hit & Run" -- Where was this "Right Side" outpouring after Katrina?

Oh well, I guess Katrina has been lost on both sides as of late. Pretty sad considering that NO still needs to be rebuilt, and a lot of folks are still living in formaldehyde trailers - and not just in NO.

I might be sounding a little isolationist, but we need to start taking care of our own. To hell with the rest of the planet.

Oh god - did I just say that?

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