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Friday, April 11, 2008

If Mankind Is So Advanced, Then Please Explain These Idiots

I would have to guess public education drop outs. Despite being an educated guy I don't have all the answers. Shoot, I rarely have any of the answers to stuff that goes on in my own house. I try not to impugn any one's intelligence, but sometimes I just can't stop myself.

I would think that most people have some inherent desire to see their children succeed and thrive. I guess this isn't true, since THESE PEOPLE have got to be some of the most ignorant and idiotic people that I have ever heard. The father was arrested for causing s public disturbance in a store while he and his wife were arguing over which street gang that their FOUR YEAR OLD SON would join when he was older.

Dad is in a Hispanic gang, mom is black and in a black gang. He threatened to kill her over this! What in the world are some people thinking? I suppose they really aren't doing much thinking, but this is incredibly moronic.

And tax cuts are to blame for the downfall of our country?

3 Posts From Readers:

rockync said...

This would be the poster family for selective sterilization -- sometimes Darwin wins one; sometimes not...

Layla said...

What a sick lot. Every time I think I have heard it all, there goes another one and today I hit the jackpot again. G-d how ignorant and dumb people are.

Lack of morality, character, integrity, sincerity, honesty, dignity, et al are the downfall of this nation, not taxes.

heidianne jackson said...

but robert it's not their fault. they've been kept down by the man so they don't know any better. please stop holding people accountable - we know that unless you're a white conservative (or jew) it isn't your fault.

sheesh! :)

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