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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Dems Are Hilarious Up To A Point

I have been having a grand time watching the Clinton-Obama variety show. A little song and dance about the Reverent Wright, a stand up routine about dodging sniper fire as a little eight year old girl read poetry, and finally, a comedy skit involving both candidates in a "he said - she said" dialogue that is vaguely pre-elementary at best.

Then of course we have the Clinton "first lady-elect" attempting to take up for his wife and defend her Bosnian recollections, yet made EIGHT untrue statements while doing it. Well, maybe a few of them were simple mistakes. You know how those recollections of important things like running for your life can be easily forgotten. I know my recollections of combat in Kuwait involve pellet guns and water balloons.

The comedy stopped for a bit today when I got angry. Obama seems to think that people in small town America only cling to religions and guns because they are angry about losing jobs. In fact, the only reason people are against illegal immigrants are because rich people got tax cuts.
He also made a statement a couple of days ago about how unemployment was at its worst in several years. Well, if unemployment has been 4%, which is about where it has been for many years, and it is now 4.5%, then he is technically right. However, he was attempting to impugn the Bush administration by implying that there was something critical about the unemployment numbers.

4%-6% is healthy unemployment. It means that there are people looking for work and that there are jobs available. Less than 4% means that there are few jobs, and more than 6% means that there are few jobs. There has to be a certain percentage of unemployed people to make the job market competitive and to grow. I don't personally know a single person out of work or losing their home, and all of those people I know who are against illegal aliens and who go to church and who value their liberty to own firearms actually go to work everyday and BBQ on weekends, and show up at their kids baseball games.

Surely the nation is due someone with a little more intelligence and a little less arrogance. We are owed leaders who lead and not pretend to lead. We are owed people who believe in things and don't make policy decisions based on polls that ask questions about international issues and get answers from people who argue with their spouse about which gang their child will join.

The variety show ended for me today. I think it is time, however bitter it may be, to take a bite out of the McCain menu and get to work.

At least he won't shoot himself in the foot with his mouth.

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Anonymous said...

4-6% healthy? There is no good or bad percentage, and there will never be one. Look at it in this light: 4% of what? 350 million? Is like 14 million people without, or looking for jobs. That being on the low end!

And I'm not even blaming Bush, but the government - the system as a whole.

Please tell me where you live exactly? Because it must be in a bubble. Get out some, and see the rest of the country - everyone is not living in perfect suburbia.

Your previous post is perfect example. Are these people stupid really? Or just victims of a system that has continually failed society no matter what they try. I say a little of both, and throw in improper up-bringing that perpetuates the cycle.

Even in the DC area, where we have one of the most stable economies in the country, things are not even close to what you described. I see "Bank For Sale" signs on every other corner out my way.

Then there's Northern CA, where I've seen plenty of the same signs, and gas at prices already exceeding $4 a gallon.

Oblama, Shillary, McCon, who even cares anymore. Are they really going to change things? This country is set up to fail, and it's set it's citizens up to fail too. The two party system is nothing more than an elitist only club, and the election process is a joke even on a good day.

Man, it's not about red state - blue state anymore. It's about everyone else's personal agenda.

Sorry, just a little cranky tonight. But I get what your saying, and know you understand what I mean.

Peace - and I hope everything is ok at on the home front.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Geeeesh, go get some sleep. Or if you are awake, some coffee! lol

There will always be some degree of unemployment, and the economy actually needs that percentage to remain healthy. There are several econominc theories, among them being the search theory that in a nutshell means workers with skill levels are searching for jobs that provide wages at a level that the worker believes compensates them for their skills, training, and/or education. In a sense, unemployment numbers do nt tell the real story, but length of unemployment might be more accurate. Turnover is sometimes good for organizations, and good for workers. If a worker makes $10 an hour but leaves for $12 at another company, then someone who previously made $8 can take the open job for $9 an hour. If thee is no movement in the workforce, then there is no competitiveness for jobs, which leads to stagnation and decreased productivity. You know that I am not an economist by trade, but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night!

I have to ponder whether I live in a bubble. To some degree you may be right, because I live in an area that is thriving economically and growing at a very healthy rate. I work in an industry that is seeing a 6% increase in business over the same period last year, and that surprises me actually. I would not say that I am sheltered, though. You and I both know that the economic situation of the neigborhoods are not the same as the situation in the areas where we used to work each day. The dynamics are much different.

Previous post? Those people are stupid. STUPID. Arguing about the destiny of a four year old in the gang lifestyle? Follow that logic - If they have already determined, which blows my mind, that their child WILL be in a gang, then they will make every effort as he grows up to assure success as a banger. Which means lessons in criminality beginning as soon as he is old enough to steal gum at the grocery store. Is family car theft considered bonding?

It is a societal breakdown that results from inconsistent and ridiculous public policy. I can agree that the inner city environment is due to a system fault, but the individual absurdity in that situation results from degradation or morality, education, and common sense. In MY bubble, we want for our kids what our parents wanted for us, and that is to have life just a little bit better than we have, and to have to work just a little less to keep food on the table and a little more to provide private educations.

I agree about the political process, and that it only matters who is President so that we limit the damage. It is a sad commentary on our nation.

And I always know what you mean when you post here. You know you are welcome here whether cranky, drunk, or insane.

And things are well, thank you. My dad actually hit the road yesteday to visit a couple of friends out of town, and went home with a job offer to do some consulting. Not really what he needs, but I am happy that he is not wallowing in elerly depression and has decided to move on down the road of life. I think he might drive up here this weekend.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

They have become their own worst enemy. I love watching this Democrat implosion.

I actually see hope for gains in the House and maybe the Senate in addition to the Presidency as this Dem debacle continues!

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