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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Contemplating Careers And Balancing Life

Today I find myself struggling with a decision that might need to be made in the coming weeks and I am uncomfortable with both options. I received a call last week from a someone I know with a corporation wanting to know if I would be interested in a position. I am always interested in a discussion and believe that I shouldn't close doors to potentially good things on my own. So I said yes and had a couple of discussions about this opportunity.

I wouldn't dare bore you with a resume posted here, but this opportunity is within my area of expertise and it is a great position to hold when people call me offering, instead of me calling and asking.

I am not unhappy where I am, and in fact my overall life situation is extremely satisfactory. CC and I have a beautiful home with a street full of neighbors we call friends. The children have great schools and extracurricular activities, and a multitude of friends. We live in a place where the police blotter is three or four incidents per week, instead of pages per day as it was where I was in law enforcement. I am a cub scout leader, a baseball coach, and on the board of our new Civitan club.

So life is good and I wasn't looking to make a change. This offer will have to be seriously considered, however, if/when, it comes. It will more than likely come next week. The offer must be reviewed for several reasons. The first is financial. We are not poor, nor are we rich. We are comfortable most of the time, stretched thin sometimes, cut coupons regularly but go to the beach once in a while also. (note to self: our last vacation was in 2004. We need to go somewhere this summer) This corporation, to my understanding, is quite generous with the offers they are making. In addition, there is the potential for free tuition at state universities, and with one graduating in six weeks and another in three years, it sure would be a great deal.

So on one hand I am very satisfied with life at the moment and not looking to change. On the other hand, there are enhancements and value in the change as well. My hope, to be quite honest, is that the offer will not be sufficient for me to seriously consider and they make it easy to decline.

I value my family and the time I am spending with my son. I value the routine we have set up and I enjoy the environment of our neighborhood and city. How do I balance the issues? Is it more important to be satisfied with what I have, or more important to take a good opportunity and let it enhance the quality of life for the entire family? Could it be that the quality of life we have now is more than enough? Am I cheating them of something by turning this down?

Not sure which was to turn at the moment. Stay tuned, and i will let you know if I am destined for a new home. No matter which way I go, the URL for this home will stay the same!

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rockync said...

You know, seems like just when you get in your groove, life steers you to a new crossroads. You are content, life is good, but.....
could there be something better down that road to the left? or right? Could that good life become a great life? Are you in the groove or is it becoming a rut? Here's the rub; you have no way of knowing if one path is better than the other because you can't see into the future.
I have been in that place once or twice or more and here is what has happened; my husband and I discussed all the pros and cons including how it would affect our children, extended families and even our pets. Then we might talk to our children and other family members. Finally, still not knowing what to do, we would throw it out into the universe, say a prayer and just sleep on it. Usually, within a day or two, we would make our final decision and -- now here's the most important part -- we would move in whatever direction we had chosen without looking back. Life is all about choices, sometimes good ones, sometimes maybe not so good, but most important is to learn whatever lessons you can and just keep moving forward.
I wish you happiness and contentment with whatever you choose to do.

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Can anyone tell me how to prevent those stupid postings like the one above here?

Rocky, thanks for the comments. We will pursue the same course, and whichever way it is we will not look back. My trouble is that I am interested, but I don't want to be selfish and cause a disturbance in the force by doing something that is not the best thing.

Speaking of Star Wars, there was a marathon this past weekend and a channel showed all six movies. My son is as much captivated today by the 1977 original as I was in 1977!

rockync said...

The best sci fi movies of our time;
ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Trek and Star Wars. Although not exactly in the same genre, I'd also include the first Jurrasic Park.
BTW - the fact that you are worried about making a selfish decision is almost a guarantee that you will not do so.
Even if you stay put, it's always nice to know someone values you professionally.

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