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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sometimes I Think We Are Doomed

Follow THIS LINK where Wight Wing Wadical discuses creeping Socialism. I personally think it is far beyond socalism, but the point is that we are losing our country each and every day.

In this post, which I won't rehash too much, is that a court in California has found that there is no "constitutional right" for parents to home school their own children. I know that my education was provided by extremists, but I sure thought that the Constitution of our country was designed to prohibit certain actions by the government, and list specifically the powers divided between the states and the federal government. I know that line of thought is so 1787 and no one thinks it today...But I still do.

The judiciary in this country has become far too liberal. They should not be looking to the constitution to find "permissions" for individuals. They should be finding probibitions for government actions.

2 Posts From Readers:

Wadical said...

God help us if a liberal President has 4 years to appoint federal judges to the bench with little or no resistance from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

heidianne jackson said...

indeed you are right, robert.

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