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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hillary Making A Comeback?

Interesting developments in the dem campaign last night in these two states. I was surprised that Obama lost in Texas especially. My youngest brother is a moderate, leangin toward the elft on social issues but to the right on military and fiscal issues. He is in academia in Texas, and he told me last week that virtually all the people he knew that were voting in the dem primary were voting for Obama. That micro-poll was not an indication of the end result.

This is really interesting, and there is an irony that I can't help but mention. I am not the first to do so by any means, but I can't stop myself.

The dems have hemmed and hawed about how every vote should count and how our elected officials should be decided by the populular vote. Every vote should count! The will of the people should not be subverted by process! Obama has the lead in committed delegates, but now Hillary wants the "superdelegates" to trump the popular vote. So much for the will of the people.

This could be good for McCain, since the dem candidates have to keep spending money for the next two months on the primaries yet he can take a bit of a break and raise money for the general election. He can also sit back and see where the dems strike blows on each other and have an early advantage in tactics for November.

The dems get what they asked for. They forced all of these states to hold primaries earlier so that they can decide the issue earlier and not have the largest states dominating the process. It turns out that in doing this they have made each and every vote count more than ever before.

I heard Hillary today talking about her being Commander-In-Chief. The only thing more scary than that is Obama filling that role. Hang on, the summer is going to be a wild political ride!

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Yesterdays wins giver her the advantage. The Convention will decide the nomine and the Super Delagets will be the decider.

They owe her and Bubba more than they do Obama and she has proven she can win the big States while Obama has not won in a single large State.

There are not enough delegate left to give either candidate the nomination before the Convention.

A war in August with the Desm means Hillary nominee!

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