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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Update and Super Tuesday

First the update. Since I posted last mom has been moved to an ICU, and for a couple of reasons that I won't bore you with took a downturn. There has been some improvement, but we are still about three days from being past the infections. There has been some improvement and we are hoping that she will leave ICU before Sunday, although she will probably be hospitalized for a few days after that. Bottom line, she is slowly improving and your prayers and wishes were heard. Still some concern, but things are getting better.

Super Tuesday. I headed to work as always way before the polls opened, so I will vote on the way home. There is so much that can be said about today, but I don't think that I can contribute anything truly unique so I won't try.

I find is humorous that Hillary did the deperation "wipe a tear" tactic yesterday. I think that she needs to be the dem nominee because we could beat her senseless in November, but I can't bring myself to not get pleasure in Obama making her look like a has-been. it is kind of like my football support. The Auburn/Alabama rivalry is not about sports; it is a way of life here. I always say that I want Alabama to win except when they play us, but if the truth be told I take great pleasure in seeing them lose no matter when or where. Same with Hillary.

I also think that it is not good for the Leader of the free world to be crying on worldwide television. Please tell me which muslim terrorist leader is going to be touched by that. I hear the laughter echoing across the Persian Gulf as we speak.

I don't know at this late date which lever I will pull. I know the polls show McCain as the winner over anyone and everyone in a national election, but Romney better fits my beliefs. Don't get me wrong, there are no candidates that I am 100% behind, and we have discussed that ad nauseum. It is make or break time today, and I am not convinced which lever to pull.

I heard Rudy on FoxNews today and I almost wish I had supported him. He lost the nomination because of a bad strategy. No one knew it was bad and until he lost Florida I thought it was the best one. I never knew that I had an ancestor named Custer.

I want a leader as much or more than I want someone who believes as I do on every issue. So much about the position of "Leader of the free world" has nothing to do with economics, abortion, tax policy, welfare policy, yadda yadda---but it has everything to do with confidence and principle and integrity. We can shape policy by our interaction with the legislature, but we can't make a President change his fortitude over serious issues. Rudy fits that bill, although his social conservative credentials are a bit smudged.

If you are conservative, go vote. If you are a dem, go vote. Our process relies on educated people making educated decisions. Make yours count!

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rockync said...

Great post, Robert and you have touched on the crux of what being a democracy is all about. We can shout and argue, debate and discuss, but in the end, each and every one of us must go to the polls and be counted. Because, come November when we wake up the morning after the elections, no matter who wins, we, the people will still be Americans, side by side.
Glad to hear your mother is improving. Sending good wishes your way.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

"Our process relies on educated people making educated decisions. Make yours count!"

AMEN BROTHER!!!! Glad to hear the progress about your Mom.

As far as Hillary and her tears, she would eat a road kill Skunk, if she thought it would get het a vote!

heidianne jackson said...

glad your mom is improving, robert.

on the election note - don't believe the polls - pollaganda doesn't always play out the way the msm would like. and don't vote for mccain unless you're looking for a democratic president.

but by ALL means VOTE!!!

heidianne jackson

TrekMedic251 said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. Been there, done that. My mom was in an ICU for 8 days, then spent 3 months in a rehab facility afterwards.

I'll keep her in my prayers.


Tonight, your Mom is in my thoughts. I will pray for her continued improvement. (You have a friend in Florida)

Obob said...

all the best for your mom and our prayers.
And go vote no matter the party

Anonymous said...

Great post, Robert! I'm glad to hear about your mom! Both of you are still in my prayers. Well, McCain won in Jersey, but that really was no suprised. To be honest, I am so out of it, I'm lucky I know that information. Take care,


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