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Friday, February 22, 2008

Taking A Breath and Hillary Should Too

Do you ever look up at the road ahead and see this enormous steamroller bearing down on you? Figuratively speaking, that is what has happened to me the past week or so. Mom is coming home from the hospital, and a huge thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. It was looking bad for a while, but she began slow improvement and it has built speed. A 33 day hospital stay is ending just a week after leaving ICU.

Hillary is on the ropes. She doesn't get it. I am impressed with Obama. Not with his politics, but with his speeches and his ability to inspire people. Implant some Reagan DNA in him and he would be a great president. In fact, I think he will be the next president.

I knew and have said for a decade that Hillary was unelectable, and that her as the nominee would be an easy win for the GOP. I didn't realize that she would go down in flames before she got the dem nomination, and I wouldn't be honest if I said I wasn't taking some joy from watching it. However, Obama has personality - which appeals to most voters far more than issues, and he has a new outlook - which is what the dem party has been crying for for years, and he has managed to inspire people despite his extreme left wing positions. He is even more lib than Hillary, but no one has noticed because he has managed to hide this so far.

McCain. I don't know what to say. I have no choice but to support him, and I guess because of that I have mentally been edging toward supporting him completely. This paradigm of "the lesser evil" has to end soon.

Finally, I am going to give you and opportunity to help a great cause and it wont require anything but 30 seconds of your time and you will help raise money for severely handicapped children just by doing what you normally do on your computer.

My college fraternity was Pi Kappa Phi. We had plenty of keg parties and band parties and parties after parties, but we worked to support PUSH AMERICA. Pi Kappa Phi is the only greek fraternity to create and support its own philanthropy. PUSH AMERICA has evolved and raises money for awareness and support of severely handicapped children. I would do them a dis-service by explaining all of it because they do it quite well themselves. Go to the Pi Kappa Phi website here, and the PUSH AMERICA site here and see for yourself.

Then go to It is a Yahoo application that installs a search bar on your browser. You select PUSH AMERICA from the list of charities, and then each time you use it to search the internet they make a donation to PUSH AMERICA. I just found out about this last week, and have begun using it myself.

For those of us who believe that people need help but shouldn't always get it from our tax dollars, put that into practice and do a small thing for others.

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rockync said...

So glad to hear your Mother is coming home. I'm sure it has been a very stressful time. No matter what happens come November, I sincerely hope we all wake up the morning after, realizing we are, in the end, Americans all. And then I hope we can stand side by side and get to work. I'm going over to Push America right now.

The Linden Row said...

While I agree that Obama has the ability to spin a rhetorical spell over a crowd, he is nothing more than an empty repository for the prevailing political zeitgeist.

I agree that it is true that we will all wake up the day after the election, but my concern is whether Tickle-Me-Elmo Obama (he really can make you smile!) will be wise enough to pull back from his "pull-out of Iraq" left-wing appeasement commitments.

I am stridently independent and not averse to an Obama Preidency for any partisan reasons. He just falls short on the key metrics I use to rationally evaluate a candidate: Fiscal Responsibility; Sound, forward looking Foreign Policy; And willingness to do what is politically unpopular to serve the greater good.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Hello Linden, and welcome to my house! Please drop by as often as you wish. This place is gret for discussion and ideas, and while there is occasionally some passion, virtually all is respectful and civil.

I agree largely with your assessment of Obama. If he had the substance of Reagan to accompany his feel for people and his ability ti inspire with rhetoric, he would be awesome.

I am heartened to hear some of your key metrics, especially the will to do what is unpopular for the greater good. I think you will fit in well around here.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

I just left a little comment at Jens blog about the whole paradigm of a conservative voting for McCain. I can only imagine how grating is must be. Its like having your team in the Superbowl and knowing you have to root for Kyle Orton as you QB to pull it out for you...
I am really curious what tack is the GOP going to sail on after this election. Not that i am 100% sure of a Dem victory, but unless Barack implodes on a gaffe of galactic proportions then i just dont see it.
But you are spot-on on Obama... very good analysis.

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