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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What Is Next In The Hunt For The White House?

I don't get to involved in primary analysis because the winds change each and every hour. We saw that yesterday in New Hampshire. I will offer a couple of thoughts, however.

The Clinton camp doesn't need to get so excited. A 3% victory in a state that is in love with McCain is nothing to brag about. Between Obama and McCain, their message is quite different than the Clinton liberal-esque message that the independents went to McCain which hurt Obama. I think time will tell us that the I voters do not move to the Clinton camp, even if she does turn out to be the Dem nominee. I still assert that she is unelectable in a national election, tears or no tears.

I have no idea what to make of the Republican field. There is no one that makes me enthused about November. Romney has never made a connection with me, and Rudy doesn't do it for me either. Don't misunderstand me, Rudy is a solid leader but the lack of a true conservative in this race is de-moralizing for me and most conservative voters. At this point I have not made up my mind about who I will support. Thompson has fallen by the wayside before he even got the cruise control set.

I hope that Clinton actually does go back to hubby's advisers and inner circle. The Clinton camp does not get this election, and I can't believe that so many people are not seeing the changes in message and attitude for what it is - blatant pandering. They are not focused on the real issues. Someone needs to tell her that this isn't 1963. Vietnam and Watergate are but a bad aftertaste for most of the population. New world, new issues, new threats.

I am curious to see whether Bloomberg decides to throw his name in as an independent. If he does, I think we would see a GOP win for sure. Time will tell...

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rockync said...

It's early yet. I am not surprised by the NH results; the state is isolated and racist. Time will tell the true story and I certainly hope these primaries will produce two worthy opponents.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

This is still way up for grabs.

I still beleive Hillary will get the Dem nod.

But after Super Tuesday I think there will be three or four Republicans still in the mix. If Thompson wins or gets a strong second finish in South Carolina he can hang on through Super Tuesday.

If that is the case then the four will be Giuliani, Thompson, Huckabee and Romney. If Fred looses in SC or does not finish strong second he will not be around long which leaves the other three.

I hink McCain will begin to fade after Michigan and then drop out right after Super Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I truly have no idea whatsoever! I am tired of polls and percentages. I know who I want to win, but that is looking dimmer and dimmmer so I've been reading into the others to see the next best. McCain's Immigration policy is pure crap and Rudy is too non-Conservative, other than that it is up for grabs.

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