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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Presence Will Be Unpredictable

My amatuer political thoughts were way off base in South Carolina. I didn't think Obama would be able to pull off that kind of win.

My mother is very sick, and almost passed this past Sunday. Please keep coming by and continuing the conversations, but please forgive me if my presence is spotty. She is in the hospital an hour from me and I will have to be making some trips back and forth.

I will still be around, just know that I am not ignoring anyone.

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rockync said...

It is trying times when we've reached the age when our super-parents become more fragile and are reduced to human purportions.
Please accept my warm thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Thank you, Rocky. Despite my knowledge of my parent's age, you are right about how the realization that they are "old" hits like a truck. I was at the house yesterday and for the first time actuallys aw the difference between now and 20 years ago, and the things my dad isn't capable of taking care of himself. Small things, except that not so long ago it would have been unacceptable to be that way.


Robert, please accepts my wishes for your Mom's recovery. Sad to note, as Rocky says, my generation is next in the queue. It is so important to keep warm family ties; nothing last forever, not even us.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Blessings on you and your mother my friend. My prayers and thoughts are with you both. Keep us updated when you can.

Even when they age and become fragile as they do mom and dad are still our heroes aren't they!

rockync said...

Robert, how are roles change! My Dad and stepmom live close by so I get to see him quite often now. But he has aged and his health is failing although he keeps pushing like a trooper. He's a tough guy, but I'm glad my niece lives next door to them. She calls me when they are sick or having a problem and then I "just happen" to drop in. They insist on their independence and I respect that, but they also refuse to accept their limitations so we just do the best we can.
Conservative Truth, you are so right; my Dad has always been the measure by which I have held the men in my life to. Even frail and old, he still sometimes seems larger than life. But after several medical scares, I also see his vulnerability.
"Middle Age" is proving to be a challenge as my children become adults and my parents become elderly. Every day is a gift.

rockync said...

OOPs! Try "how our roles change!" LOL
I really need to proof read :)

Anonymous said...

Robert, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. It's not easy watching our parents grow older. With everything going on right now they are so supportive and only hope that when they need it, I can do the same. Please keep us updated. God Bless you and your family!

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