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Friday, December 07, 2007

Where Is The Majority On Immigration?

As we move at virtual lightspeed into this new election season which has lasted longer than the NBA playoffs, one issue continues to remain out in the cold, and no one seems willing to let it into the warmth of the living room.

Illegal Immigration.

Despite overwhelming resistance to all of the immigration bills that have been presented in Congress, there is a segment of our society that believes we should extend a hand in welcome to anyone who cares to sneak across our borders. The state of North Carolina is mandating that the state's college system accept illegal immigrants. The liberal left refer to "undocumented workers" until a GOP candidate hired a company that hired illegal immigrants and tried to derail his campaign.

On the flip side, the state of Arizona is enforcing new laws against illegal immigration that have lead to hundreds of illegals leaving the state each day. The jobs are drying up, the benefits are being denied, and the state is returning to they way they want their state. Of course there are lawsuits, but Arizona should stand up and tell the Federal Courts to put a sock in it and stand back. Have we forgotten that the individual states are supposed to have the protection of the federal government and not squirm under it's thumb? If the federal government can refuse to enforce their own laws, they should step back when a state decides to set its own.

We need movement on illegal immigration. It doens't have to be sweeping new legislation. It doesn't have to be "reform", which is politico-speak for "finding a new way to do the same old stupid stuff but everyone thinks we are moving forward". What is has to be is the commitment to America, a dedication for the preservation of our union, and some acknowledgment that Americans should place America before anyone else.

World citizenship be damned.

4 Posts From Readers:

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

This illegal benefits giving is ridiculous. Mike Huckabee,,inspite of his campaign rhetoric, actually backed bills in Arkansas as Governor to give in state tuition, SS benefits and State benefits to illegals, stating that "they pay fuel taxes, and using FAKE SOCIAL SECUROTY cards pay SS tax but recieve no benefits."

This type of catering to illegals is why we have the massive problem that we have. They are law breakers and should be treated as such and NOT given everything that we as citizens earn. They have NO Constitutional rights yet they are being granted the same rights as we citizens who abide by the law!

rockync said...

The burgeoning illegal population in this country is so because of all the years the government has turned a blind eye. Big farm and poultry operations wanted cheap labor and the Mexican government wanted all those US dollars sent home because it propped up their economy. We are now at the saturation point and thus the panic. I'm not against immigration; my own parents emmigrated here-legally. The problem with illegal immigration is that you don't know if the person has mental problems, is a criminal or is carrying a communicable disease. The other problem is they have no protections from abuse. They can be paid less than min wage, worked for overtime without compensation and suffer beatings or sexual abuse. And perhaps most importantly, they don't intergrate into thier communities. There no sense of belonging and thus no "American Experience."
I live in NC and while I have a lot of empathy for illegals, I think it is time to fix what has been broken far too long. Allowing illegals to have access to education, medical care, etc is really not acceptable. Neither is allowing for a child born here illegally to be automatically an American citizen.
While I believe we need to patrol borders and INS needs to get off their hands and come up with a good game plan, I got to tell you, I'm not a fan of having a physical fence on our border; too Iron Curtain for me.

American Interests said...

I cannot believe that this issue is dragging so long with address, real address that is..

Illegal immigration = federal crime does it not?

Known as "Improper Entry by Alien," Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code - yes I looked it up!

Any one who overstays their lawful status should not be able to obtain employment, should be refused public assistance benefits and public housing and education and whatever other taxpayer-funded benefits they may receive. Then we will see if they hang around…

heidianne jackson said...

exactly right robert and great observations from all of y'all. the 14th amendment does NOT make a citizen of a child born to an illegal. if you're here without permission then you are here illegally and are NOT subject to the u.s.'s jurisdiction which means you are NOT entitled to the protection of the constitution.

arizon is not enforcing anythign with their laws more stringent than the laws already on the books at the federal level. i can't believe this is an issue.

but the l.a. times says that the majority of americans do not mind illegal aliens. where was this majority when everyone rose up, in near unison, to slap down the amnest bill by mccain and kennedy?

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