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Monday, December 17, 2007

Lieberman Endoreses McCain in New Hampshire

Which gives me pause in my GOP mind to take another look at McCain. I have always liked Lieberman, who is a conservative democrat on the most important of issues, although still a bit socially liberal for me. He is strong on national defense and a staunch supporter of the GWOT.

McCain has never been a big favorite with me, as it seems he has always been too willing to compromise with the left. I have no issues with compromise on most things, but some matters of principle should be unyielding. I can't cite any specific examples, but I have been irritated with McCain on more than one occasion.

However, a McCain/Lieberman ticket would have some interesting attractions. It places a Republican on the top of the ticket, and a conservative "independent" running the Senate. Lieberman is well respected by many, and no one can say that he hides his beliefs.

People are tired of the partisanship, as am I. I believe that there are differences in philosophy, but those that refuse to do anything but walk their party's line regardless of the issue do little to govern. We should fight for our beliefs; small government is important to me, but who has a problem with providing nutritionally balanced food for poor, elderly citizens? I would rather it be taken care of by the private sector or by the individual states, but this is something that shouldn't be argued too strenuously.

The dems just slashed some Bush programs, such as defense and abstinence education, and proposed some massive increases. We need some people with some common sense and the ability to work with everyone to right this ship of state.

With Thompson running..actually NOT running a real campaign, perhaps it is time for a McCain Presidency.

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Shaw Kenawe said...

LOL! McCain and Loserman.

Remember it was your side who gave him that name, not the Democrats.

Glad to see McCain chose Good Ole Loserman.


heidianne jackson said...

wow, robert. thompson is running a campaign - he just can't get any traction with the msm. wonder why that is? perhaps they want to do everything they can to forestall a thompson presidency. if we all back him, regardless of the msm, he can prevail.

Anonymous said...

I actually wouldn't have a problem with Lieberman on a ticket, I'm just not sure if I would like McCain on it. Before Fred joined in I actually was really considering him. He is a bit too wishy washy though. (If that makes any sense) Fred Thompson is really starting to worry me though! He is just not out there enough and the more time that goes by, I see less and less of a chance with him. That upsets me because after Fred, there isn't anyone that really blows me away. They are all kind of faulty.

It was nice seeing you back over at my blog, I've missed ya!

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Thanks Jenn! I spent an entire week sick, and quite uncharacteristically of me missed four days of work. I felt like I was run over by a truck. So, I am back, but Christmas has been taking up quite a bit of time.

I haven't gone anywhere, just trying to catch my breath!

Anonymous said...

Yuck! I'm glad you weren't anywhere around me! But then again my hubby is sick, so I am hoping he didn't spread any germs on me. It was actually pretty funny, I was following him around with a Lysol can spraying everything he touched. He thought I was nuts, but I wasn't taking any chances of being sick on Christmas! LOL

Glad you are doing better! Good luck with all your Christmas plans.


People are tired of the partisanship, as am I. I believe that there are differences in philosophy, but those that refuse to do anything but walk their party's line regardless of the issue do little to govern.

Robert, I welcome your comment because similar thoughts have been preoccupying me as well. Partisan rhetoric has become so extreme, and the ability to engage in that time-honored political tradition known as compromise and consensus, has become so retrograde that I am afraid we are about to do some real damage to ourselves and country. In short, our system is on the verge of paralysis.

When I introduced myself here some months ago, it was in the spirit of friendship, cooperation, and mutual respect. We have shared values and believe in similar goals and objectives. We differ on implementation and the role of government.

I left similar comments at a liberal blog recently and got some interesting feedback. If you have the time and inclination, please check out Echidne, a blog post called Krugman on Comity. Please note the change in temper and temperment within the comment thread. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

BTW, Echidne is a thoughtful and gracious person and a great economist (PhD).

heidianne jackson said...

hope you're feeling better, robert!

actually, jenn, fred's been out there a lot! but he can't get any traction from the msm...

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Thanks Heidi...back to normal here. When my wife says that I am back to 100% jerk, things are on an even keel.

Eco, I have visited and posted on that which you referenced. Thanks for the link, and I will add it to my regular stops.


Robert, do you think we are starting something here that we will both be proud of? I hope so.

I am glad you are feeling better.

Shaw said...


Not only do I know the estimable Echidne of the Snakes, but I have had the pleasure of entertaining her at my home.

She is intelligent, gracious, and beautiful.


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