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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Quick Link, but A Good One

Click here to go to read this post from Obob.

I think it was Ronald Reagan who said that the key to success was to surround yourself with people who know more than you. One of those brilliant people who surrounded Reagan was Peggy Noonan. Read some analysis of Hillary from her at Obob's place.

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rockync said...

I think this really showcases the glaring differences between the politicians or the "old guard" and our current crop of clowns.
The old timers realized that what they were doing was important and they treated it with all seriousness. They also felt a responsibility to the world, to keep it stable and improve the circumstances of others.
I listen to the current bunch and all I sense it their own personal motivations and none of the commitment to the greater good.

Obob said...

thank you for the compliment robert. I read this piece and my it galvanized my opinion hillary is a hack. She will vainly try to associate herself with the Iron Lady. And will look very foolish to the educated.

nanc said...

this is actually a biblical concept of the eunuch at the wagon, who when approached while reading the book of isaiah, was asked, "do you know what you're reading?" and the eunuch replied, "how can i know lest someone explain it to me?"

but, a very good concept indeed. it is far better to be surrounded by knowledgeable people than a bunch of stupid shiites!

heidianne jackson said...

i love peggy noonan and have been reading her for years. heading to obob's now. thanks!

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