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Friday, November 02, 2007

A Long Weekend

My son finished his baseball season tonight, and we have a cub scout trip tomorrow morning - early!!! We will be on an overnight trip and won't be back until sometime Sunday afternoon.

I will be back to post either Sunday night or Monday morning. My next post, barring anything unusual happening, will be to explain why I am still convinced, as I have been since 1998, that Hillary Clinton is unelectable. She is not in the position that everyone thinks that she is at this point.

So drop back in Sunday night or Monday, and have a great weekend!

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Obob said...

her armor has been pierced. Let see how well she bleeds.

American Interests said...

Have a great weekend and look forward to your comments about Hillary.

Shaw said...

Representatives of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign said they were thrilled at the way leading Republican candidates focused attacks on her during the GOP’s latest debate. Moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News pointed out that Clinton was ahead of all Republican hopefuls in several recent polls—eliciting a charge from Mitt Romney that she “has never run anything.” Rudy Giuliani said the U.S. couldn’t afford Clinton’s ideas, and Mike Huckabee said she would raise taxes to pay for them. “"We can understand why they're all so angry," Clinton spokesman Blake Zeff said. "As Chris Wallace made clear

The Thompson Gunners said...

Thanks for stopping by A Newt One. We will add a link and add you to the reader asap

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Sorry for the delay guys! It was a long weekend and I hit the rack about 800 pm last night. Have a scout meeting tonight with my daughter.

Will get it done tonight or tomorrow..I promise!

heidianne jackson said...

can't wait, robert!

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