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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It Is Election Season, Which Means Nauseating Lies

Will the American citizenry ever tire of politics and decide to return to the days of statesmen? When will we tire of politically expedient positions? Who exactly are the people who continue to vote for those who lie?

Better yet, who are these people who do not invest a single calorie into thinking about what they are being told?

THIS ARTICLE tell about Bill Clinton on the campaign trail for Hillary. He is saying that he opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning, which is completely untrue. He completely supported the efforts in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and the story also gives his statements about the subject from years past. But here is the part from this story and about dems in general that ticks me off the most:

On Iraq, he told the crowd that wealthy people like he and his wife should pay
more taxes in times of war. "Even though I approved of Afghanistan and
opposed Iraq from the beginning, I still resent that I was not asked
or given the opportunity to support those soldiers
," Clinton said,
according to The Washington Post.

So not only does he think we should pay more taxes to support the war, he is upset because no one made him do so. "I was not asked" means that no one told him to. This is so disingenuous that I don't know where to begin.

Any American citizen can send a check to the IRS and mark it for deficit reduction or whatever they wish. Do you think Bill and Hillary did this? If they are so convinced that rich people should pay more, are they telling all of their left wing friends to write million dollar checks to the government? I think not.

So Bill does not have this overwhelming conviction that he should pay more, because he hasn't done so. Yet he wants the government to mandate that everyone does it.

Again, who are these people who don't invest any energy into thinking about what they are told? Use your minds, my friends. Don't let anyone on the left or the right bamboozle you with nice sounding soundbites.

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heidianne jackson said...

of course they didn't do it. any more than any of the hollywonks do. they just talk about how unfair it all is and blame the republicans.

American Interests said...

You've still got about a year of this sort of stuff to listen to. About Clinton, most nearly all can surely remember that he supported the Iraq war. Need to exercise the glad the lies are over in Aust I had had enough by last Saturday.
".. who are these people who don't invest any energy into thinking about what they are told?"

There everywhere and there numbers are increasing....intelligent discourse in matters politics is dying...It's a challenge...

Good post!

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Nice to be in your town again (those damn sabbaticals...)

As to the cyclical ratt race of lies within the election years?... Lets do like Israel,... their elections take 30 minutes,.. from decision to election.

Anonymous said...

They are hypocrites plain and simple. This one is over the top though and is sure to come back and bite him/her in the ass. He opened a huge can of worms with this one. If he should be doing it, shouldn't all the rich? I don't think they would appreciate that!!

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

T-P, those damn sabbaticals piss me off, but welcome back! I guess it just adds an air of mystery. I think you are actually a super secret squirrel spy and are off doing some really cool stuff.

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