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Monday, November 26, 2007

Back From Football...

Sorry kids, but Auburn football coupled with thanksgiving took me to an alternate universe for a week. It was really nice, because that universe was one from a bygone era - that of pre-9/11. For an entire week I cleaned house, tidied up my yard, talked smack about the big rivalry, didn't listen to FoxNews for 10 hours a day like normal, entertained family, spent a little time with the kids doing silly stuff, and just lived my life. I had honestly forgotten what life was like pre-Bush and pre-9/11 and without political campaigns. Guess what? There is real life out there somewhere.

That being said, I was caught in the flux capacitor this morning when the alarm clock sounded and here I am again.

Just in time for this nonsense, which reiterates why we can't take these trips away from real life very often, and why we must remain committed in Iraq and Southwest Asia. These people are beyond understanding. According to the story, there may be some financial politics involved in this story and nothing really becomes of it, but are you willing to bet on it?

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Welcome back to the real world! LOL

The only way to deal with Islamo Fascisist is to kill before being killed.

They are NOT the religion of peace as they try to claim but rather violence and death are intermixed with all they do in the name of Allah!

rockync said...

"Under Sudan's Sharia law, blasphemy could attract a large fine, 40 lashes or a jail term of up to six months."

What's the 6 month sentence for; insurance just in case she survives the 40 lashes? If she's a British citizen, perhaps the British counselate needs to man up and insist she be sent home. They might also need to restrict travel by their citizens into the area or make them sign a waiver.
I do find it hard to believe that this teacher was not aware that using the name Muhammad would probably not be a good idea.
Either that or the school did a piss poor job preparing her for living and working in a Muslim country.

heidianne jackson said...

it's disgusting, but as rocky has pointed out she should have known. however, that said, they don't prepare people because they want everyone to believe they follow the religion of peace. if england were to make such a restriction or warning about traveling to that (or any islamic location) they would face an uprising at home to rival that of the "youths" in france. too afraid of the muslim population to do much, unfortunately.

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