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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Auburn Makes School History, Defeats Alabama Six Straight Years

WAR EAGLE! Auburn 17, Alabama 20

The Auburn Tigers rode the back of their defense to win the Iron Bowl for the sixth consecutive year! I can't explain it, but the game was different this year than in years past. It was, as the announcers classified it, more business-like and less emotional. I think it had to do with the determination of Auburn to win this one. Alabama had a 10 game streak that ended in 1982, and this has been Auburn's longest period of domination.

In this streak Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville has defeated four different Alabama coaches. The current coach, Nick Saban, was given a a $4 million dollar per year contract so that Alabama could beat Auburn.

It didn't happen this year...WE GOT SIX!

Now, to begin planning for seven.....
*Thanks to Tiger Rags ( for the graphic.

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