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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

UPDATE: Jury Awards Fallen Marine's Family $10.9 Million From Westboro Baptists

An update to my freedom of speech post from the other day.

The Westboro Baptists lost this case, and the judgment is more than the net worth of the church. I have to be honest when I say I waffle on this issue. On one hand I support fully the 1st Amendment. On the other hand, these people are lower than whale poop at the bottom of the ocean, and I a thrilled to see them slapped in the face.

Signs like "God hate fags" and "God is your enemy" do not reflect the God that I know.

It just depends on which day it is whether the logical Robert or the emotional Robert is in charge.

5 Posts From Readers:

rockync said...

Like you, I'm a little uncomfortable that this judgement will be seen as an infringement on first amendment rights, but I look at this award as a clarion call to all those who think they can cause pain and suffering with impunity and without regard to the right of others to conduct their personal business without harassment.

heidianne jackson said...

i hear where you're coming from, robert, but the first amendment must be permitted to stand. it is a horror that anyone would speak in this manner against those willing to stand in harm's way, but it should still be protected. but it doesn't mean it isn't disgusting...

swampcracker said...

Robert, I certainly share your reservations and welcome the slap at the same time. Conundrum!

Today, l wish everyone here a Happy Halloween. May your house be filled with happy ghosts and ghouls, and may your candy cupboard go bare.

Anonymous said...

Robert, I'm with you and all the others on this one. One one hand, I agree with the 1st Amendment but on the other, The Westboro Baptists disgust me and frankly got what they deserve. I don't think this could have happened to anyone better. Yeah, it's a tricky line they crossed, but I just feel it is beyond me to feel any type of sympathy or outrage on their behalf. I'm sure we will be hearing about this left and right, because once something like this is done, people will be crawling out of the woodwork for their right to sue.

swampcracker said...

Frankly, I have the same derision and scorn for Ann Coulter who said this about the widows who lost their husbands at the World Trade Center on 9/11:

“I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much.”

I look forward to a time when we need no longer endure these verbal atrocities.

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