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Monday, October 08, 2007

A Million Ethical Scandals On The Horizon...

Not that I think Hillary will ever be elected President - and I am still salivating for a Hillary campaign after she wins the primary, especially if Thompson is the GOP nominee - but if she is we can expect scandal after scandal regarding her administration.

In this little tidbit, Sandy Berger is an advisor to Hillary Clinton. Remember him? He was convicted for stealing and destroying classified documents that he tucked in his little sock after a meeting. He paid a fine and lost his security clearance for three years.

I have a security clearance. I am not sure how one gets it back after losing it for stealing, not losing, classified documents. He hid some of them under a construction trailer no less. Maybe I missed the part where stealing classified documents was waived in the interest of national security.

This will be interesting, because he advised the male Clinton on foreign policy and security matters. Presidential contenders get a daily intel brief much like the one the President gets, so that they will be apprised of the current situations around the world. Does this mean that Berger, who had his clearance revoked, will be in on these briefings? Does this ring of irresponsibility on the part of the Clinton campaign?

Supposedly, Clinton is the smartest woman who ever lived. Maybe she is so smart that she realizes that only a convicted felon can truly understand the tyrants of the world. Or maybe she just speaks his language...

Correction: Shaw pointed out that the charges against Berger were misdemeanors and not felonies. I stand corrected and appreciate the point of information.

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Anonymous said...

For being so smart, she does some rather stupid things! I can't see how she doesn't realize this is not going to give her bad publicity. Apparently she doesn't mind having her name attached to criminals. Hopefully that will only help us out in the long run.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Burglar has been the hit man and stooge for the Clintons for years. He will do what ever his masters bid.

I quess he is like Igor to Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein.

BTW Shaw have a field day with this comment!

Robert, you really got a fiesty liberal here in Shaw don't you ? LOL

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

He is that. It does keep things interesting, though.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Just to to buttress what TLLTCC said, man! Robert, how much popcorn did you inhale watching the fireworks at your last post? :)

Anyway. To me the bottom line is that if a candidate, GOP or DEM, is going to court my vote they better get it in their noggin' that just the "appearance" of crap like this is not going to endear me to their position. That anybody can get near Sandy Berger with a 10 foot pole and not get radio-active for his past doings,.... amazing. Just the fact that she has the hubris (ah, that word again) to feel she is the de facto candidate and can do as she wishes makes me take a harder look at the times I have been very fair to her,... almost forcibly so.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Indeed, T-P. There has been no wool covering my cranium regarding neither the Clintons nor their character. I do hope there are enough middle-of-the-roaders that will do as you state and look closely.

If you associate yourself with such persons before the primary, praytell whom will you associate after being elected?

Shaw said...

Apparently she doesn't mind having her name attached to criminals. Hopefully that will only help us out in the long run.

Well Bush doesn't mind having his name attached to a criminal. Ever hear of Eliot Abrams? He's a Special Assistant to President Bush.

During investigation of the Iran-Contra Affair, the special prosecutor handling the case prepared multiple felony counts against Abrams but never indicted him. Instead, Abrams entered into a plea agreement that ultimately led to a conviction without imprisonment on two misdemeanors of withholding information from Congress. He was fined $50, placed on probation for two years, and assigned 100 hours of community service. Abrams was later pardoned by President George W. Bush for his involvement in the affair.

Sandy Berger:

Berger eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material on April 1, 2005. Under a plea agreement, U.S. attorneys recommended a fine of $10,000 and a loss of security clearance for three years. However, on September 8, U.S. Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson increased the fine to $50,000 at Berger's sentencing. Robinson stated, "The court finds the fine [recommended by government prosecutors] is inadequate because it doesn't reflect the seriousness of the offense." Berger was also ordered to serve two years of probation and to perform 100 hours of community service.

Here' a link showing more Iran-Contra criminals who serve and/or served in George W. Bush's administration.

It's true that some of these people were given a presidential pardon. Pardons are sometimes offered to persons who, it is claimed, have been wrongfully convicted. However, accepting such a pardon implicitly constitutes an admission of guilt, so in some cases the offer is refused.

George H. W. Bush's pardons of 75 people, included six Reagan administration officials accused and/or convicted in connection with the Iran-Contra affair.

Anyway, if it didn't hurt Bush when he hired "criminals," don't worry your pretty little heads about Hillary hiring hers.

Shaw said...

Supposedly, Clinton is the smartest woman who ever lived. Maybe she is so smart that she realizes that only a convicted felon can truly understand the tyrants of the world. Or maybe she just speaks his language...


To be accurate (I know you wouldn't want to deliberately mislead people who read your blog), will you now change "felon" to "misdemeanor?"

American Interests said...

Ethical scandals, yea right just what America needs. Reminds me of that snip I read last month see,

The article stated that one of Hillary's donors Norman Hsu has been a criminal fugitive since he pled no contest to a charge of grand theft in 1991. Hsu failed to show up for sentencing and, "Hsu's attorney told The Los Angeles Times that Hsu did not remember pleading guilty or facing jail time." Therefore, if Hillary is elected President will she have time to do anything useful or will she follow in her husbands footsteps spending most of her time defending herself as the scandals unfold.

Obob said...

And the Democrats will taste the bitter fruits of victory. They have attacked GW for petty crap since they ran two piss-poor losing campaigns. If Her Higness wins, she can expect the same love from the other side of the aisle. of course the media will take her side no matter "objective" they proclaim.

Shaw said...

Hey Robert,

You've got class. (And this is said without a scintilla of sarcasm. Too bad posts can't convey tone of voice.)

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

BTW Shaw the felony charges were plea bargained down for Berger because of influence and who he was and who he worked for.

The Judge and federal prosecutors on the case were Clinton appointees which may very well have influenced or allowed the influence of their plea bargain offer.

Stealing secret official documents from the National Archives and destroying same is not a simple act of theft but borders on treason against the US becaude of the sensitive nature of what he destroyed.

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