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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Instead Of Posting On My Blog, Say Thank You To Our Troops

You can personalize a thank you card to our troops. You cannot select which one recieves it, but instead it goes to a random warrior with yor personal message. Instead of posting on my blog today, send a card.

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American Interests said...

Thanks for the link ...

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

This is a great site that I have had a link to for quite awhile. Well worth visiting again and again to thank those who give so much for freedom!

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

BTW, remember Mudkitty who used to hound my site so much ? As I read Shaws comments, they sound all to familiar. Wonder if it is Mudkitty under a different name. This liberal has been known to do this before!

Either way you are having way to much fun winning an intellectual argument, since your getting such harse responses.

you know you have "em when they start calling names and throwing insults. So predictable! Keep up the good work my friend!

Lauren said...

I just found your site through American Interests and I have to say that I am so happy to have found you!

That being said, I sent my card to the troops and posted a link to the card on my blog as well.

I enjoy reading your ideas and articles. I am adding you to my blogroll over on my blog. Keep up the good work and never stray from the right!

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Welcome Lauren, and come back often! Please post your blog site here, or send me an email. I am always looking for more places to entertain myself!



I say thank you every day. My daughter is an offer in the U.S. Army and is currently in Iraq (third deployment). I support our troops (but I really want them home ... as a parent, you can understand that).

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

Indeed Eco, I understand that completely. As a combat vet myself, I know what these guys and gals endure every day. I support them, and I want them to come home now. I wish we had never fought the stupid war, or any war for that matter.

What I want and what is best are two different things. I wish godpseed for your daughter, and a safe return. Pass on to her a debt of appreciation from this site for her service.


Robert, many thanks for your kindness. Believe it or not, she called yesterday on the one of those phone cards and said, "Send more chocolate."

At my age, this is one of those rare times when I can honestly say, time is not passing fast enough.

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

I am amazed about the passing of time and how it differs so from when I was young. If my feeble memory is accurate, I even made a post months ago about this phenomenon.

Send more The only chocolate she probably gets is the M&Ms in selected MREs. I would be happy to pitch in for a huge shipment.

If you will indulge me in a distant memory, but related story.

When I was in the Marines, I smoked. I know, stupid. BUt I was young and bulletproof, and maybe about to die anyway. I was a team leader with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force in Desert Storm, and the father of one of the Marines under me owned a store back home. He used to send care packages with CASES of Hershey Bars. My Marine shared them with all of us as is the norm, but with what was left we traded for cigarettes with other units.

It is like being in means nothing, chocolate and cigs are the real currency.

Anonymous said...

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