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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Annual Assault On Christmas Season Is Here!

We all know that every year the assault on Christmas becomes louder and more ridiculous. It is bad enough that we can't just drink our egg nog and sing carols and play Santa Claus without the commercialization of Christmas that has us sick of Christmas songs before December, but now we have to defend the day itself. Talk about Grinches - people who are so stupidly obsessed with their anti-religious wars that they want to deny my children the joy of the season.

I listen to FoxNews on XM radio on my way to work every day. This morning they interviewed a couple of people from a place that I didn't catch (I will have to search for this and update later) but the specific location just doesn't matter. It is the first story of many and will be lost in the shuffle soon enough.

It was a community that is 30% Muslim. The school board is debating eliminating Halloween and Christmas because of the high percentage of Muslim citizens. Must be new math. 30% is a majority and 70% must sacrifice to keep the majority happy.

The school system has already eliminated pork products from school menus. They have eliminated JELLO from the menus because there is some kind of pork product used in the production of Jello. Now, they want to eliminate Christmas from the schools!

How far is too far? This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard! I must deny my Christian children Jello because Muslim children can't eat it? My kids can't eat bacon or sausage or pork chops or barbecue (for those out west, beef is not barbecue. I quote my deceased friend Lewis Grizzard and say that barbecue pork-pig is the only real barbecue) because 3 out of 10 students can't eat it.

Here is a crazy thought - tell the Muslim kids to not eat the jello, sausage, bacon, ham, barbecue, bologna, hot dogs, peanut butter, and leave whatever else their parents don't want them to eat alone! Hell, more than 30% of Americans are obese, but we don't require the schools to only serve salads and bottled water. What has happened to liberty in this country? What has happened to common sense? Why do 70% have to cater to 30%? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE OVER THIS RIDICULOUS AND ANTI-AMERICAN MOVEMENT?

But wait, it gets better. The question to the school board person was (and I paraphrase) "What about Ramadan"? The answer was that they get the whole month of Ramadan and are treated special. Part of Ramadan is fasting. So during the lunch period, the Muslim students do not go to lunch, BUT GO AND WORSHIP IN SCHOOL! But yet a Christian group is prevented from using the library AFTER SCHOOL for a worship service. Let than sink in for a minute - seriously. A community where 30% of the citizens are Muslim PROVIDES worship service during school hours for Muslim children. 70% of Christian and Jewish children are forbidden to eat Jello at school.

We provide worship for Muslims, but sue when a prayer is offered before a football game to keep our atheletes safe and uninjured. We can't have a student led prayer, but provide and encourage the worship of Allah. Anything wrong with this picture?

Go ahead people, vote democrat. Sitting home last election to make a point to the GOP sure worked, didn't it? Vote Hillary, and before you know it you will be "allowed" to keep 10% of your income so that we can eliminate Jello from our nation's hospitals. We can make sure that bacon is demonized, and while you wait for your wife or child or mother to have surgery, you can go to the hospital cafeteria and have your choice (similar to the choice you will have in health care) of turkey bacon, or having your head cut off for defying Allah and eating pork.

Maybe some people have a point. Maybe we should stop fighting Muslim extremism in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems that the extremism has moved to the US.

17 Posts From Readers:

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Holy stained-glass smoke, Batman! That's quite the rant you have there! Love it!
Im on my way to the gym and then to work, but I shall return to add to the pork party :)

Robert said...

I am so vexed at this moment that I am walking immediately to the cafeteria where I work and break my new eating paradigm - I am going to get a sausage biscuit with a side of bacon, and for lunch I am going to eat a grilled hamd and cheese sandwich and the biggest bowl of jello from the salad bar that you have ever seen. My indignation at this moment has no bounds.

Anonymous said...

LOL Robert, that sounds like a good lunch to me. Ham, cheese and bacon, mmmmmmm.

Seriously though, I think this one of the best posts I've read in a long time. Maybe your passion, maybe your common sense. I don't know. But you hit the nail on the head on this one.

I am just as confused as you are. Why do we keep catering to a religion that has vowed to kill us? Uh, Hello? McFly? They ACLU push this and we quietly sit back and take it. Enough is enough! We are the majority here yet we simply keep our mouths shut and watch slowly our nation getting torn apart. I shudder to think what it is going to be like in a few years. It's really sad, that last year they were taught about Kwanza, Honukah, and Christmas. Do you know what Christmas was....yep you guessed it Santa. That is complete and utter crap! Where is the majority? Where is the outrage. It's not enough for me just to write to the school board and my senators. People start better stepping up before this country is one that we can't even recognize anymore.

Taking away Jello. Are you kidding me? If you don't want it, don't eat it. Am I going to protest because my school sells kosher lunches? No, my kids will just buy what they want. This is just so unbelievable it's hard to put into words! (well sorta) LOL

Robert said...

I ate two sausage biscuits. After all, they aren't that big.

McFly...ROFLMAO. I haven't heard that in a loooooong time.

I missed the place this is happening, and haven't been able to find it. Maybe will update with a story today.

Wadical said...

Screw those guys. Gimme some friggin' cloven hoofed dirty animals. Chitterlings, tripe, Pickled pigs feet...bring it on. Anything to piss of a few Muslims.

Next thing you know the schools will be providing special prayer rooms, mats and time out of class to bow to Mecca a few times a day. It's already happened on some college campuses where Christians are forbidden from publishing pamphlets or holding meetings.

Call me a "glass half empty" pessimist, kind of guy but I don't see this ending anywhere short of civil war. Perhaps not soon. Perhaps when my kids are grandparents, but it's mark my words.

Wadical said...

You knew Grizzard? I loved that guy! I'm from the Atlanta area so he's a local legend. "Don't Sit Under the Grits Tree With Anyone Else But Me" was my favorite. "Kathy Sue Loudermilk, I Love You" is a close second. 50 yard line in Athens is sacred ground, huh?

Robert said...

No, I didn;t personally know him, but he is from Newnan, and it is just down the road. I used "friend" in a coloquial sense, and I should have been more clear.

"Shoot Low Boys, They're Riding Shetland Ponies" is the most memorable of the titles for me.

Yes, he loved the Georgia 'Dawgs. Being an Auburn man, I do not find Athens to be anything sacred. The scenery is nice though!

Seriously, Grizzard was extremely funny and I loved his shows and books and tv appearances. He never lsot that honest, simple, southern grace.

Wadical said...

Newnan just down the road huh? Grew up in Marietta/Austell area. I got family in Carrollton. Anywhere near you?

Robert said...

I am just south of Birmingham. Newnan is just a couple of hours away, and the high schools around here have played Carrollton fairly often.

I have friends in Columbus and Atlanta, Kennesaw and Stone Mountain.

By scenery in Athens, I meant the sorority

Obob said...

a pulled pork sandwich sounds very tasty right now.
Does this mean we have to stop referring to football as a pigskin? I'd like to see the ACLU try to stop the sweet smell of tailgating at the Iron Bowl. Who ya got?

Shaw said...

"...and to counter the sociopathic idiocy of the left. I encourage opposing views and comments!"

Oh I bet you do, Robert. After calling your opponents names, you encourage their opposing views and comments?


Robert said...

Obob, you are truly a well-rounded football consumer. I hesitate to predict the Iron I don't. As an Auburn man, I have to select my Tigers by 3. Rarely is this game decided by more than a touchdown, regardless of the season's performance.

If ever in Auburn, let me know and I will gladly show you the finest pork pig Boston Butt barbecue the world has ever seen.

Shaw, welcome aboard! I do welcome opposing views, and I enjoy civil and honest debate. Sometimes my passion over rides my intellect, but I am working on that.

Hey, i have to appeal to my conservative friends, right? Besides, just because I debate the left and their views, doesn't mandate that I like

Robert said...

Besides, I didn't call anyone names. I called the ideology idiotic and self serving...

Ok, so that is splittng hairs....come back often!

Wadical said...

Shaw, you need to take a lesson from your partner in crime, Thomas. He's actually turned out to be a decent, civilized, debater since he jumped off your attack bandwagon. You, however, should spend more time reading and less time typing. Perhaps you'd learn a thing or two about civilized "disagreements".

TRUTH-PAIN said...

... Obob, what is pulled pork?... i see that all the time in menus here as well. Do they pull the piglet before choppin' off the melon? or is it something else they pull?....

Robert, your rant runs parallel to my theory that political correctness is the one subversive missile aimed straight to the rectum of our society,... we are bending over backwards to please everybody for the sake of being "fair and balanced"...

Robert (Conservative Commentary) said...

T-P, do you really not know what pulled pork BBQ is? I suspect Obob is really a good ol' southern boy who has been kidnapped and forced in a domestic Abu Ghraib up north.

My favorite yankee joke:

Do you know the difference between a yankee and a damned yankee?

A yankee comes south to visit, a damned yankee never goes home.

Pulled pork BBQ is taking a fork an literally pulling the meat off hte bone after it is cooked. It is kind of a combination between shredded and sliced. You just use pull fork fulls of the meat off the bone.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure of that Wadical, check out this lovely post by Tom.

I don't know how to put a link in there, so I did it the easy way.

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