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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Politics As Usual

President Bush had a press conference today, and I was able to see a little of it via stream on the internet. The portion that I am about is the health "care" discussion. Words mean things, people! Health CARE is not the same thing as health INSURANCE, yet the dems use these words interchangeably as do many republicans when discussing these things.

"Bush had tough words for Democrats who he said were going to take health care
decisions out of people's hands and put them into the hands of the
He called on Congress to pass his plan on the State Childrens
Health Insurance Plan, which would add $5 billion in spending over the next five
years. A plan being pushed by Democrats, which has a chance of passing, would
instead add about $35 billion in spending, which would be paid for with a
tobacco tax hike. [emphasis mine]
"Unfortunately, instead of working with the administration
to enact this funding increase for children's health, Democrats in Congress have
decided to pass a bill they know that will be vetoed," Bush said, noting that at
least one Democrat has said a veto would be a 'political victory'. "
Political paintball over health care/insurance, knowing full well it will
be vetoed so that some can use it against the GOP in the next election. Doesn't
it get old? Why do we put up with this year after year?

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Obob said...

because the Democrats lack vision and only know attack. Considering they have no real plan for a better America and our future, from the war on terror to the tragic third rail, they drop the ball on a solution that can work in the real world.
Their rhetoric ranges from the neglect and empty promises made to black America (pay attention our growing Hispanic bloc) to tax big business to stunt growth and deny the work of the fabled JFK. Who cut taxes.
The problem is an ignorant and lazy America refuses to do their homework and challenge the lot

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