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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nothing Better Than Victory!

Auburn 20, Florida 17.

Auburn pulled off another upset of Florida last night. Our last four wins against the Gators have been phenomenal, twice ranked #1, once ranked #2, and last night ranked #4. Auburn has become the spoiler for Florida titles and I love it. Florida lost one game last year en route to a national title, and that was to Auburn. Urban Meyer had never lost at home until last night. Florida's 11 game win streak was brought to a close. Auburn ran the ball again.

Phenomenal football party at my place last night. My neighbors and good friends are Alabama fans and Alabama grads, and of course my alma mater is Auburn. We both love football and enjoy our own football parties. Yesterday, we put up a 20 foot, yes that is right, 20 foot screen in our front yard and had a huge party for the Auburn game. It didn't hurt my feelings that Alabama lost as the game was starting either. Anyway. we had a great time despite my nausea the entire contest.

In the end, my Auburn Tigers played as they are supposed to play, and made amends for two mediocre performances this year that resulted in losses. Of course, South Florida beat #5 West Virginia yesterday, so that loss doesn't look as bad as it did last week.

Ok, sorry to bore you, but I am still celebrating!
Here is the big screen in front of the house.

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Obob said...

what a great win. If you don't love collee football after all the upsets yesterday, you have no soul. I almost called a buddy of mine who went to Florida, but his wife was probably kept up by the wailing.

Robert said...

There was shock and disbelief among the Gators fans. The wailing will continue far into the year!

The win was great, and it was an exciting day in college football! The excitement of yesterday is one of many reason that i prefer college to pro.

Obob said...

another reason for playoffs

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! A 20 foot screen! How totally cool is that. It sounds like you had a blast. Thanks for the photo.....I don't think I could have even imagined it otherwise.

Oh, and hooray for Auburn! (Hoot Hoot)

Wadical said...

A field goal ain't exactly a butt whoopin, ya know.

Good ball game. AU has been a thorn in our side for some time now. Our one loss last year was AU. Hard to swallow indeed, but that's what makes the SEC so tough. Anybody, even our whipping boys in Mississippi or our Academic elite at Vanderbilt can jump up and bite you if you let down your guard.

I feel, though that I am forced to remind you where the National Championship trophy is being kept this year. :) ...even with the loss to AU.

Now, if y'all could just stay off probation....

Wadical said...

I don't think I've ever seen the top ten get shaken up like it did this week. The current AP poll is a lesson in fluid dynamics! South Florida is!

Robert said...

Wadical, if I had known that you were a Gator, I would have given you a load of refuse like you have never seen.

There was an interesting article in our local paper on Friday before the game, and how the outcome of the Alabama/FSU game and the Auburn/UF game didn't really matter, but the level of performance did. It pointed out that between UoM, UF, and FSU, there are only about 75 scholarships each year. Alabama has pretty well ignored Florida for recruiting, but Auburn thrives there. It is important for the long term of the program to do well and be able to compete for talent.

Anyway, 3 pts is not a butt whipping, and I have had more faith in my Tigers than most. I had a feeling all week that we might win that one. We were a 19 pt underdog at one point, ya know.

Besides, I hate losing to Florida worse than I hate losing to Alabama. Well, almost anyway.
It was a fantastic game, and the bottom line was that it was SEC physical football that carried the day on both sides.

Wadical said...

"I hate losing to Florida worse than I hate losing to Alabama. Well, almost anyway."

Good, perhaps you'll have some consolation on Nov 24th, because that's likely to happen! Though it is on your turf this year.

Robert said...

You have got to be kidding. There are many weeks between now and then, but at this juncture I would say that we will make it SIX years in a row.

We have had so many injuries. We played two games with EIGHT starters out and a banged up QB. Now that some are getting healthy, we lost our special teams return man and also Quinten Groves who is only one sack from setting the Auburn school record. I haven't heard an injury report, but he is the anchor of the defense.

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