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Friday, September 28, 2007

Colorado Is The New California

The link above references a story about 50 Boulder, Colorado high school students who have apprently been listening to their hippy parents or something.

They walked out on the pledge of allegiance and recited their own version which involved some diversity something or another. Basically, they don't believe in God and don't respect anyone who does. They also do not respect this country or it's traditions and history.

I shall end now because I can't stand to contemplate this topic enough to continue. If people don't like America, why don't they just go someplace else and give their spot to someone who does?

By the way, they are part of something called the "Student Workers Club", which brings to mind a communist organization of old...

EDIT at 1047: Just FYI, sometimes I am a copycat when someone has a great idea, but this was mine I tell you...

Jenn, my favorite Conservative Chic has a great post on this topic with some spot on cartoons about the subject. They mostly poke fun at the most overturned circuit court in our great land, the 9th Circuit in California. Please go see them by clicking here!!

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Wadical said...

They merely postpone the inevitable. One day..."every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess". One day when flags and sovereignties mean nothing. One day when all diplomacies have been exhausted and all wars have been fought. One day when time simply runs out. On that day...everyone will know and their rewards will be handed out accordingly. That great and terrible day. Should I pray for his hasty return or that he should tarry?

Robert said...

Wadical, that is indeed a question that bears serious consideration. Both positions have merit.

Some days I am not sure that a hasty return is best. It would spare my innocent children the tragedy of experiencing the fall of America.

A heartfelt and serious thank you for posting this question. As always, I need to step back and evaluate if I am prepared for the return as I often take for granted that I am.

Anonymous said...

Hey you copied! I'm telling mom on you. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. Your just lucky she isn't here right now. LOL

Great minds think alike! Check out my post.

Seriously though, Wadical does raise a good question. When I look at the world today and what my boys have to look forward to, it scares me. And I only see it getting worse in the future if something isn't done soon.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, I'm your favorite Conservative'll give me a big head! LOL

Thanks for the link, and right back atcha!

Obob said...

Glad to see you back on the move robert. Thinking about the spoiled little brats in Colorado with their stunt. What would I do if my child did that? I have three children and I know I will encourage them to think for themselves. But as opposed to the parents of these little thumbsuckers, I will teach my children consequence and accountability.
That evil "a" word that makes people shudder in the fear under the shadow of responsibility. And we know the admin will do noting out of fear. I can only imagine the members of the Student's Workers Club went home in mommy and daddy's purchased BMW to play Halo3 on their HD widescreen. evil capitalist swine

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