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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bond's Baseball Branded

You may have noticed the link to a poll on the left that has been there for a week or so. The guy who bought the baseball that sailed out of the park and set a new record for home runs (it makes me nauseaus to type that, btw) for more than $750,000 put up the poll to let America decide the fate of the ball.

There were three choices: 1) Unblemished and donate to the baseball Hall of Fame, 2) Brand it with and asterisk and donate it to the BHOF, or 3) Ban it and send it on a rocket to outer space.

Choice # 2 won, and the ball will be branded with a big asterisk and donate to the BHOF. I personally voted to send it to space, but this way it will be a permanent commentary on Bonds and his use of steroids to embarass himself. Hank Aaron was a great ball player, as are thousands of other guys whose name never appears in record books. Allowing Bonds to stay in baseball, muchless acknowledging this record, is ridiculous.

Maybe Bonds will now just fade away, and be an asterisk himself in baseball history.

3 Posts From Readers:

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

I voted for the asterisk and am glda to see it won. You don't cheat and ecpect to enshrined as one of the immortals of baseball and not be branded as a cheater!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the man and to call him a real baseball player disrespects all the greats out there. (Babe ruth, Hank Aaron, etc) They didn't need enhancers to be great, they simply were.

Obob said...

I go back to Barry B.R. (Before Roids) He was one of the best in the game. A total player who could hit, run, steal and field. But he wanted the glory and the most dangerous of the 7 deadly got him, pride.

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