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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back From A Long Weekend

I have no idea what may have happened in the news, but since my world is still here I am guessing there has been no nuclear war or anything so substantial.

My weekend started off when I left work early Friday afternoon. I ran home to get out the camping gear. I have always been a camper, but my family hasn't been in a couple of years. Busy lives and two teenage daughters who can't leave behind their cells or boys puts a crimp in my relaxation. Anyway, I got down my pack, which was in the same condition since last use so that part was easy. Then I had to inventory the things for my son and put a little pack together for him.

I then realized that there was a no-burn order for the mountain so we couldn't build a fire to cook. So I had to make a last minute trip to Wal-Mart, or as I refer to it, the anti-Christ Inc. (That is also my name for Microsoft, but that is another story). We headed there and bought propane and a few other items for chow and headed out.

Set up camp, had a campfire program, went back to the camp area where the adults chatted and the kids played. At lights out, the kids didn't want to go to sleep and it was too humid for the adults, so I stayed up til 1130. M son had to go to the bathroom, and as we walked up the road he said that it was really cool to hear the cricket songs. He got the whole point very early. Old, fat, and sleeping on the ground. At 400 am, my internal clock sounded and I was wide awake. There are two habits that I have never been able to break from the Marines - waking up before dawn, and eating fast. So I made coffee, and at 500 I made myself breakfast since I was still the only one awake. After I ate, people started stirring and then had coffee with the adults while the kids drank gatorade. About 800, people were cooking and I cooked for my son and ate again (Hey, I had already been up about 4 hours).

We packed camp, spent several hours fishing and talking and scooping minnows (that is all we caught) had lunch and headed home. It was the best 24 hours I have had in ages. If you haven't left the computer for any substantial amount of time, I recommend it. Coffee perked over a fire (propane stove) but it was perked, and not dripped. The smell of perked coffee in the outdoors first thing in the morning makes the whole back aching, sweat dripping, kids screaming event worth every minute.

So I am back and will return to work tomorrow. In November, the USS Alabama (WWII battleship) in Mobile Bay hosts Scouts from around the state. We sleep on the ship and generally have a great time. They do it every other year, and that will be our next chance to get away. I hate to wish away my life, but I can't wait.

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TRUTH-PAIN said...

....hmmm, I should follow your example,... the idea of not having my laptop at arm's reach sends me into serious heart palpitations,... and yet I know that at time one has to uncouple from technology and put hand-to-earth,...
Glad you had a nice weekend,.. we all should be so lucky!

Wadical said...

The USS Alabama is a worthwhile trip. A lot of history on that site, USS Drum, and quite the selection of vintage aircraft.

I took my grandfather there when he drove over one day. (We only live about 30 minutes away) I thought I saw him cry. I know I saw him softly touching things and walking off, leaving the rest of us, in favor of his own company for a while. He was on the destroyers, USS Liddle and USS Knudson in Pacific during WWII.

Another good visit, if you get a chance (just another 30 minute drive from the USS Alabama, is the National Museum of Naval Aviation here in Pensacola (Home of the world famous Blue Angels). You won't regret it.

Glad you came back with all yer parts and such. Our last campout was poorly coincided with a 36 hour thunderstorm. It sucked. The rain precluded participation in most Scout competitions which were canceled except for one 4 mile hike, with my fat but in tow...and of course the annual snipe hint for the new scouts (my kid). It sucked.

Glad yours went well. Welcome back.

Robert said...

I have been to the Alabama 50 times in my life, and never get tired of it. I am a history buff, and this is a great place to find it! I have also been to the museum at P'cola, and this weekend we talked about that one and the helicopter museum at Ft. Rucker.

Love the Blue Angels, and enjoy sitting on the beach in P'cola on those wednesdays and watching them practice.

Long, probably boring story about the Alabama. My dad used to be in management at AMSCO, which produces surgical equipment. My dad made a trip to the Alabama with my brother about 20 years ago, and noticed that the original surgucal equipment on fhte ship was from AMSCO, but had fallen into sad shape. He wnet home, and began a project where the engineers reverse engineered the equipment, and then they engineered and built the tools to rebuild the equipment. They did so, and had a ceremony where the company donated something like 100K in equipment and labor to make it new again. my dad is a honoray captain (I am sure there are hundreds) of the ship for his efforts.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. So what if you missed the crap in the world to enjoy time with your son! LOL

I've never been to the Alabama but have visited the Massachusettes and the North Carolina and the history that ooozes out of every rivit is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a great vacation. The USS Alabama sounds awesome! Can't wait to read about your adventures on there!

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