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Friday, September 21, 2007

And in The Left Corner, Wearing The Clown Suit... Dora. I have no idea who Dora is, but I do know that I have seen some pretty silly left wing hippy type comments from her on a couple of blogs. Today is probably the most assinine perspective that I have ever seen.

Ok, the title of this post is linked to the NeoCon Command Center, which is Brooke's excellent blog and linked on the left. If you click Dora, it links to her blog. A little confusing, I know, but I wanted to give you both the ridiculous post and the anti-Bush, Michael Moore-ish koolaid blog that she writes from the left.

Basically, she seems to believe that we should allow Amedinejad to visit Ground Zero so that he would be touched by compassion and stop hating people. She seems to think that if he were to visit that he would be overcome with emotion and realize that he should love Israel and have an epiphany that America and our liberties are good! Shoot, maybe he would even allow "Baywatch" to be run on Iranian television.

We all know that he would be laughing inside, and the wreath he laid at the site would be for his radical pals who killed thousands. But not Dora. She thinks that we have no idea what his intentions might be, and that WE are demonizing him.

Here is my response to that idiocy:

"If we give him a puppy he might find something to love! He might even convert the nuclear weapons research facilities into a greenhouse and grow lots of carnations that he can stick in the barrels of his Quds force rifles to promote world peace!

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the President of Iran who has been killing AMERICAN Marines and soldiers and who has threatened the annihilation of an entire nation and its people, is not being demonized by us. He demonizes himself with his genocidal, homicidal, inhumane and absurd beliefs.

I might suggest that we cancel the Executive Order prohibiting assasinations. Allow him to visit, and have a Marine sniper (I volunteer) place a round precisely in the back of his head when he bends over to place a wreath. Since his wreath laying will be intended to commemorate the hijackers, he can die in the same place. Show the world that we believe in liberty, and have little patience for those who oppose it.

Leave his body there for 60 days. Take a bulldozer, drop it in the back of a 5-ton truck, take it to the landfill, and let him rot amongst the rats just like the ashes of a thousand people from 9/11.

If you want to know what I really think when I am not being nice, email me."

Visit for yourself, leave a comment for Brooke, and then remember to vote next November.

UPDATE ON A PREVIOUS POST: I predicted that Blackwater would not be banned from Iraq for long, and they have resumed some duties today. While I don't applaud myself for being a genius, I do like it when I get it right.

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Bar Kochba said...

The Left continues to believe that everyone's deepest desire is for love, peace and harmony. That's why they live in a fantasy land.

Wadical said...

That's the stooopidest thing I've ever heard! That'd be like letting me loose on a shopping spree in HK's showroom. I'd be like a kid in a candy store.

That site is hallowed ground. Sacred. That SOB doesn't deserve to set one friggin' toe on US soil much less on the site of one of our most somber moments in American history.

I say let HER get a little taste of just what life under Amedinejad and his crazy clan is like. Let her attend the countless public executions. Let her live under a Burqa. I'll buy the one way plane ticket!

TRUTH-PAIN said...

I found myself really pondering the pros and cons of allowing a person of his ilk come to "pay respects"... if you pardon my liberal use of the action. To be honest, one can make a case that it would inflame emotions on many ideologies not just those of conservative thought. I agree that my initial knee-jerk reaction is to be your spotter (for the kill shot, that is...),but I know that if I look deeper into the many permutations of possibilities that I can find a way to use his visit (and the many images to come from it) to further my own view and hopes for the future.
.... Even in going against my own emotions, I say let him go there. Let him have his Kodak moment and let him roll with whatever propaganda he thinks he can get from it,... I have faith in the silent majority. I have a feeling that many, many people have forgotten about our wounds, our losses, our national introspective. I say let him have his solemn "moment". The reactions from the media, bloggers and world community may be surprising to us all,... Besides, it will sure give me something else to rant about... no?

TRUTH-PAIN said...
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American Interests said...

Could you imagine GWB proposing something similar, a visit to Tehran ...

Anonymous said...

Great comments Robert. I read them over at Brooke's and I was thinking "Go Robert" "Go Robert" (yeah have to say it the right way to make any sense) LOL I've seen her comments too and this one was one her dooziest!

Robert said...

Jennifer, are you telling me that you dropped in a Brooke's before coming here? Hrrrrmmmph.

Anonymous said...

LOL Robert! You know you were my first and favorite friend!! (still are):-)

Robert said...

Due to your excellent kissing up, I forgive you.

Brooke, on the other hand, is still on my list....ROFL

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm so glad! (takes a deep breath of relief)

Uh oh, poor Brooke! LOL

Dora said...

I admit, it's a longshot that suddenly Amedinejad will change his mind. But what is there to lose? What are the benefits of not letting him visit Ground Zero? I don't see any. What are the downsides? We look like insecure, intolerant, hypocritical assholes to the rest of the world, and give Amedinejad and others fodder for propaganda against the US to that effect. Is that a good thing? I don't think so.

You should probably also acquaint yourself with the UN Headquarters Agreement, diplomatic immunity, and international law before advocating killing a sitting head of state who is visiting the UN.

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