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Friday, August 24, 2007

Zero Tolerance = Zero Sense

The story is a couple of days old, but how about the lunacy of the child suspended from schoo because he doodled a gun while in class?

The feminization of America is going to be our downfall. How can people be "threatened" by a pencil drawing of a gun? Apparently there is a zero tolerance in Arizona schools, and the tragedy at Columbine was referenced during discussions with the boy's parents.

I am not sure how Columbine fits into the subject. I guess I missed the part of that news cycle where the two morons in Colorado killed fellow students with an 8 1/2 x 11 drawing (and a poor one at that) of a gun.

I heard during a short debate on television news this morning a woman who defends this because the actions of the student were threatening, and the schools must "...err on the side of caution" when addressing this issue. I think the actions of the student were exactly what the actions of a boy his age should be. He was bored in class and doodled. He doodled what boys doodle: guns and airplanes, and airplanes with guns.

Yes, there are those who will say that this doodling is an indication of a violent tendency. I am a security professional. I have been in law enforcement, and I have done both national security and corporate security. At no time would I consider this boy and his artwork a threat to anything, not even a competitive threat to Marvel Comics.

Boys are boys. Would it have been alright if he doodled knitting needles? Perhaps we should confine his talents to rainbows and puppies.

Hypocrites and liberals. They have infested our school systems. Arizona of all places. The epitome of the wild west and the American spirit. I bet that the State of Arizona gladly accepts the tourism monies generated in Tombstone....

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Anonymous said...

Those libs are at it once again. So if we are to go by this example, he also can't draw dogs, (they can be deadly) scissors, (hey they are pointy, maybe they should take them away). If my son wears a shirt with a skull on it (unfortunately, that is what he is in to) does that mean he loves death? Or that he wants to kill someone. How frustrating it is that they go so far overboard.

It's ironic that killing a child is not a problem to them, but that a drawing of a gun is dangerous. How far are they going to take this. Our soldiers fight for freedom and it seems that libs want to keep taking more and more freedoms away from us!

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Hypocrites and liberals.... I thought they were one in the same!

I agree with your assessment about the feminization of America. No offense to ladies but children need the influence of men from a mans point of view and not just the ,"feminine side, " only.

The toughness that had been the cornerstone of our country is becoming a thing of the past and the nation is showing weakness because of it.

Obob said...

you know who causes this? the pain in the ass parent. You know the one, cries everything isn't fair. threatens to call lawyers if a whiff of fart hits their child in the hallways. It may hinder little Johnny from going to Yale.
They allow their fear of all things they cannot control to leak into your child's life. Since they cannot control their enviroment, they seek to do so in the courts.
Seems mighty familiar to the liberals/Democrats and the abuses of judges they placed on the bench. Or the petty lawsuits that prevent us from properly extracting information from terrorits that threaten our children and loved ones.
So is thei reflection of our society, tragically so. Sorry, you hit a note here.

Robert said...

Don't be sorry. I don't think anything gets my goat as much as nonsensical policies that result from a moronic perspective. The kid who brings a gun to school? Suspend him. If a child brings a gun to my child's class and nothing happens, I am raising a roof. If someone gets booted because of a drawing, I am also raising a roof.

I don't know what is worse: the people who made this policy, or the people who feel better when a child is out of school for a drawing.

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