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Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Blog You Should See

Jenn's Journey As A Conservative Chic

She is featured as Blog of The Month over at
"The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth". I dropped in today and I think she will be a winner among us conservatives. It will be nice to have a new perspective. I can't say much for her choice of sports teams, but everyone can go wrong somehow!

Add her to your daily clicks, and I am sure as time goes on there will be many great conversations.

3 Posts From Readers:

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

LOL at the sports team, I know I am a homer. Thanks you for this post. I came over here because I saw your comment and was floored to see your post. I appreciate your kind words and hope to live up to them!!

I enjoyed your blog and hope you don't mind that I put you on my favorites.


The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Jenn is new to blogginh but her blog content has the look of a long time vet. Great commentary that adds to we conservatives who battle liberals everyday.

A welcome admission to the Army of conservative bloggers.

Robert said...

I decided not to mention that she was a copycat. She used my template.

Don't believe her when she denies it...LOL.

You are welcome Jenn! Glad to have you around, and please drop in as often as you like. I have added you to my daily click list. When I get a few minutes I will put you on my recommended list.

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