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Monday, August 27, 2007

My Favorite Cartoon Pulled From Papers

"Bloom County" was a satirical comic strip drawn by Berkeley Breathed, and was the source of many smiles and laughs for me over the past decade or more. The star of the strip was "Opus" who was a penguin.

He retired the strip and then a couple of years later came out with a new one featuring Opus. It is humorous because it illustrates things in popular culture. Apparently, someone has once again committed the liberal blasphemy of engaging in behavior that might hurt someone's feelings. The strip above was pulled from many papers Sunday, but I think it is pretty funny. I will have to check my funny pages when I get home today because I never got around to reading all of the paper yesterday. With Auburn football kicking off this weekend, I was engrossed in the sports page and special sports sections.

3 Posts From Readers:

Brooke said...

So much for freedom of speech, huh? God forbid we even make a sideways pass at Islam.

Dhimmitude just got even closer.

Anonymous said...

I thought is was funny too. I am so tired of polical correctness. It's okay to poke jokes at Christians but post one about Muslims and all hell breaks loose!

Obob said...

gotta agree with everyone, I about spit out my coffee when I read it. Og course I was reading the Indy Star which leans to the right quite a bit.

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