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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hypocrisy and Lack of Integrity

I don't even know why I am acknowledging John Edwards, since he is a has been and doesn't realize it, but here I go anayway.

He spoke at a union meeting yesterday and said a whole bunch of nonsense about a whole bunch of nonsense, but that would be expected. The one thing I do agree with him on is that American military equipment should be made in America. I don't think there is anything we outsource that can't be done here.

He spoke of sacrifice. Not sacrifice in the way our tropps are sacrificing, or how their families are sacrificing, or how Americans should sacrifice as we did in WWII to support the war effort. He wants us to sacrifice our SUVs. I know, that isn't news either. But he was asked how he could expect that of Americans when he lived in a 28,000 sq. foot mansion.

He didn't answer the question by saying that he started with nothing and was proud of what he did with his life. You can't lead if you don't set the example. When you live in a home that burns more energy than the entire power grid of New York City, it is hard to expect people to take you seriously about saving the world by reducing carbon emissions.

Typical liberalism. Typical Edwardisms. I know the GOP hasn't given us anyone to be excited about, but when the left uses talking points that were typed in 1980 on an IBM Selectric, something has got to give.

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Anonymous said...

Can you say Hypocrite? He wouldn't know sacrifice if it bit him on the butt! Does he really think that anyone takes him seriously? I'll give up my SUV (well actually my truck, cause I don't have one...LOL)when he gives up his mansion. I think it's a fair deal!!

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