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Friday, July 20, 2007

A Plea To All Conservatives And Republicans

By a 5 percentage point margin, voters say they would back Clinton over Giuliani (46 percent to 41 percent) if the election were held today. Clinton also leads McCain by 3 points (45 percent to 42 percent), Romney by 15 points (50 percent to 35 percent) and the yet-to-announce Fred Thompson by 9 points (47 percent to 38 percent).

Do you see this? I know it is mighty early in this ridiculous two year hunt for the Presidency, but this is not good. It indicates a complete and utter lack of direction on the part of the GOP, and we have to regroup and find some focus.

Part of the problem is that the White House does a poor job of patting itself on the back. The economy is roaring, yet we hear little about it except for the business shows on the cable networks. There have been arrests and prosecutions on terrorists and their supporters, yet little is published except buried inside the first section of newspapers and short blurbs at the bottom of the hour newscasts.

Another substantial portion of the problem is that we are spending too much time defending the actions in Iraq. The war was begun 5 ywars ago, and those who support it will continue to support it and those who hate it will continue to hate it. Those on the left who visit our blogs will not be convinced, so why do we waste our time?

I will vote for Fred Thompson. He is, to my knowledge, a true conservative who is not afraid to share his views. He has allowed all of his papers from his Senatorial service to remain on public display, without withdrawing any of them. He is proud of his stances and willing to be up front about them.

My plea is this: Don't concentrate on the war. We should still address it in the greater context, but this back and forth debate is ridiculous. We need to help focus the GOP, and bring about a resurgence of conservatism to the party. We all know that the GOP doesn't get it. They are too busy trying to find the middle of the road and have forgotten President Reagan and forgotten 1994. We, as a party, sat back and blew the greatest opportunity in the last several decades to LEAD...we have to reclaim this, and teach the GOP what they are missing, and assert conservative principles into this election.

Work toward helping focus the party. Work toward a conservative victory in '08. We MUST work to overcome this Clinton lead. We have more than enough time, but we must start now from a principled and mature approach.

2 Posts From Readers:

Donald Douglas said...

You make an excellent case for refocusing GOP partisan activity and public relations. Two points: 1) Hillary may not win the nomination, although she's still the Democratic frontrunner; 2) most voters won't really pay close attention until the final stage of the 2008 campaign, around the time of the debates.

I like McCain, but he's pretty much out. After that I like Giuliani. I wonder if Thompson's serious, and has the drive for the long, grueling campaign.

Take care!

Obob said...

the economy is exploding but the MSM keeps that reeled in with the impending house bubble busting. The GOP needs to grow a pair and go on the attack mode like the left. Being polite works for a while. But every now and then you have to go into someone's house and puch them in the nose in front of their children.

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