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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Newt Is Still A Possibility

I have said before that Newt would get my vote. I think Gingrich-Thompson candidate would be difficult to beat, but that remaines to be seen.

Newt had a few comments about the GOP field, and despite a couple of positive comments, I think he ws right on target. H said that the GOP, while closer in principle to good policy, does not realize the inherent failure of our government. The system is broken, and we need a conservative, with a conservative Congress, to set the ship aright.

I don't mean republican, I mean conservative. We need to press hard for a complete victory in '08. In warfare, sometimes you bypass an enemy position because it would simply delay you from a meaningful objective. You don't spend time on something that will prevent victory. We need to do this with the press and with politics. We need to set our focus and ignore the cries from the left, and the press, and not get involved in petty arguing about nonsense. If it doesn't meet our goals, we don't need to talk about it.

Join with me, friends, and get on board now. It isn't too early to get involved in a campaign - blog away on meaningful topics and let the anti-war crowd talk themselves to sleep. We have much more to do that stabalize half the world, we need to stabalize our own country.

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Truth-Pain said...

A large-enough room has not yet been built that could possibly fit the egos of Newt and Fred at the same time :)

I just read your comment at my place (thanks!), and wondered if winning, means a) I do all the things my way for 4 years and you dont get squat,... or, b) I will do MOST of the policies my way and throw you a bone or two since you got 40% of the vote. Does that question not begged to be asked?..

In advance of my GOP scoresheet,... If it was on looks or presence alone, then yeah, Freddy, Rudy or Mitt would win hands down, regardless of policy diferences with the GOP base,... but I think the days of scorched Earth "my way or the highway" elections are over. The new brave word of (hold you nose) globalism ethos demands a candidate who keeps both extremes of the polical spectrum placated so some degree, or we just resign ourselves the political paralysis.

Lastly, I feel you man. I am a conservative voice, who although not a pure ideologue, relishes the days of a Regan or a Goldwater. Those days are gone,... bring on Duncan Hunter...

WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya!..not with Freds new jihadi CM!..ugh!

Robert said...

I think winning means one of two things. A) Win the election jsut to control the process and defend against a far left onslaught, or B) Win with mature, educated people who can communicate a vision to the American people and win with the support to put it into play.

I don't think we have to have a scorched earth policy, but commitment to a philosophy by which we guage our decisions is important. What is the purpose of winning if all we do is make nice and not take the lead?

The support of the citizens is paramount. Reagan did it, and we just have to find someone who can place our current and future country into a political perspective.

Hmmm, didn;t Newt teach history? lol

Seth said...

I am a total Tom Tancredo supporter, although I know he does not as yet enjoy the visibility of the leading, "name you know" candidates.

That said, I also believe Newt could and would, with the support of a conservative Congress, get the nation back on track. I also believe that a Republican majority on the Hill, if not necessarily a serious conservative majority, is more than possible for 2008, given the performance of our present Democrat "leadership".

Unfortunately, and I've commented thusly before at a few fellow conservatives' blogs (to universal disagreement, I might add), Gingrich has too much of a "hard-line" reputation among moderates and individual-candidate-over-party voters, and this would cost him victory in the general election.

I completely agree re shrugging off the media and lefty PACs and concentrating single-mindedly on getting our own country stabilized.

I loved George Dubya's response to a reporter asking him what he thought about all the large anti-war demonstrations when we invaded Iraq in 2003. He simply and calmly replied, "I don't listen to focus groups", and went about his business.

We're undoubtedly going to have a Republican President and majority once again, after the 2008 elections, and one can only hope that whoever they are, they respond exactly like that to the MSM as they work at fixing the country.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

There was a recent report of Newt and Thompson meeting in Tennessee and Newt coming out after the meeting very favorable for Thompson.

I believe there is a real possibility of the Thompson/Gingrich ticket. Newt is politically savvy enough to understand that the he has liabilities,not of his making mind you, but liablities that the MSM and the Dems would use to destroy his candidacy.

But the VP would not be recieve near as much from the opposition. Plus Newt is one of the best attack dogs in politics and makes no bones about telling the truth and speaking his mind on any issue.

In todays White House the VP is the president's attack dog. Cheney has been masterful at it but I beleive that Newt would make Cheney look like a puppy dog in comparison. It is certain that a Newt VP would come out fighting against the lies of the Dems which I wish Bush had been doing all along!

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