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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good Evening To All

I don't have much to say tonight, but then again some would say that I never do. As most of you know but probably few remember, I left my Dept. of Homeland Security job last November for an opportunity in the private sector. It has been interesting, and definitely different. It has been a challenge that is occupying even more of my time and energy than my DHS position. I am not sure it was the best move, but sometimes you just have to roll the dice.

So, it has seriously impacted my blogging. I find myself home from work and wanting to surf, but by the time I get home, do homework, cook dinner, give baths, read books to my little ones, walk the dog, and wobble to my chair, I am too tired to mentally get worked up over some liberal claptrap or some GOP hypocrisy. I am slowly working myself back into it, but I think part of my reluctance is the broken record of the left and the pale, boring options on the right.

The biggest Iraq news is that Harry Reid (D-NV) wants to cut and run. Actually, that isn't news, but our surge seems to be having some smal but measurable results in Iraq. The other news, although not surprising either, is that the Iranians are training insurgents to kill us more effectively. Am I missing the fact that people are outraged about this, or have we become, as a society, to chicken hearted to fight those who attack us?

My daughter turned 8 last month, and my son turns 6 next week. For those that know of my daughter's plight, she is advancing to 2nd grade, and we are thrilled! She isn't at a 2nd grade level in many subjects, and it becomes harder as we go, but at least she is progressing.

Thanks for sticking around. I promise I will become interesting again some day!

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BB-Idaho said...

Well, it's just one opinion, but
"I get home, do homework, cook dinner, give baths, read books to my little ones, walk the dog,.."
seem more important than than sitting at the keyboard. Sounds like you got things in perspective.

Obob said...

that's what keeps me contained, the family. Of course, there is a good chance I would have drank myself to death by now. So I won't complain.
I hope the history books are written objectively in the years to come about Iraq and the politicians. The profs in the Ivory Towers will be less intellectual and more biased, but so it goes.
There is a trend gaining momentum about the lack of intellectual thought from the left and the consequences of cut and run. And the growing threat of Islmofacism as unPC as some say incorrectly.

Robert said...

BB, thanks for the vote. I try to keep things in perspective, but occasionall I ignore the important stuff, just like everyone. The daily routines of life are often boring, but the kids will always be first.

For some reason I just haven't had the fire inside to delve into all things politic. As the election gets closer, I am sure it will change.

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