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Friday, March 23, 2007

When Will You Be Convinced That Dems Are The Enemy?

The House voted to withdraw troops. If yo have been following this story, you know that the only way this happened was to insert provisions for farmers, and money for all kinds of left wing moonbat issues. This measure was not going to pass on the merits. Oh yeah, one more thing. The military requested funding for a new, IED proof vehicle. One with a V-shaped hull to deflect the energy from bombs. The dems stripped it out of the bill. One that would have saved countless lives.

So, we have dems doing three things: Earmarked money for pet projects ( which they promised to elminate), withdrawing troops and setting deadlines against the advice of military experts (the same ones they castigated Bush for not listening to) and running scared in the face of the enemy ( ummmm, errrr, grrr...I was trying to find a contradiction here, but they actually promised that we would surrender).

From the Visalia Times-Delta:

Nunes and other lawmakers say they have problems with the timeline the bill sets for withdrawing troops from Iraq by the end of Aug. 2008 and the millions of dollars in unrelated spending for peanut growers, spinach farmers and other interests.

The bill includes millions for California farmers, firefighting efforts and rural schools, increasing President Bush's spending request by $21 billion. About $95 billion is set aside for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"It's bribery," said Nunes, who said he plans to vote against the bill despite the $20 million contained in the measure for citrus cleanup efforts in California and the $1.8 billion in crop disaster assistance nationwide. "I'm not going to be bribed."

Nunes said Democrats should bring up separate legislation to stop funding the war if they're serious about trying to withdraw troops from Iraq.

Notice that the media doesn't bother to report what the pork was in this bill.

Dems say they support the troops. It is obvious that the only way they would show their "support" was if they got money to dole out in a manner that would assure them votes in the next election.

Worthless, lying, cowards all.

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

They are showing their true face. Power and politics is all they care about. This bill is unconstitutional asit strips CIC authority for deployment and command and control of the military. It also because of the fact that they are playing political games with funding robs troops, WHO THEY DO NOT SUPPORT, of the necessary means to protect themselves and fight with the best means avaiable!

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Second comment deleted by me since it was a double posting. Sorry!

Robert said...

No problem. I do it all the

Obob said...

Assuming GW does veto it, which he will, there is nowhere near the votes for veto override. Thus forcing the issue if the Democrats are willing to fund our troops with out the other white meat.
Eventually people will catch on, I hope they don't kill to many of our troops in process.
I was not aware of them stripping the IED proof vehicle. Classy

Laurie said...

When Democrats fly a plane or two into an American building, killing thousands of innocent citizens. Robert, I respectfully request that you remove the link to my blog from your page. Thank you.

Robert said...

I will do so, Laurie. I do find it sad, but interesting, that you cannot tolerate s difference of opinion. Angry rhetoric from the left is acceptable, but an opinion from the right must be ignored because it is evil.

Enjoy your kool-aid.

Laurie said...

Robert, you've been dabbling in Kool-Aid for the last several months, and if anyone here is intolerable of opinions opposing his own, it is you. Perhaps the mirrors in your home are broken.

Marie's Two Cents said...


Can you believe the pork stuffed in this friggen bill?

While our Troops and thier families have had to suffer through this nightmare of a Congress in funding this bill with an artificial timetable for withdrawl, they go and stuff PEANUT STORAGE in the bill!! PEANUT STORAGE?!?!?

Our Troops and thier families have to wait for a decent bill the President can sign coming from the Democrat led Congress and they have to suffer while politics are being played with the Troops lives.

I hope the people that voted these loones in office this last election have learned thier lesson!

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