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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The NFL and the Democrat Party

I read a comment by an anonymous poster over at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth and was hit by a thought. The demo party and the NFL share a trait, and that is the desire for mediocrity.

Back in the old days, people loved a football dynasty. You know, when one team is so good that they can't be beaten, and year after year they continue their domination. The Dallas Cowboys, or the San Francisco 49ers come to mind. Yet we continue to watch them run roughshod over their opponents because we want action. We tune in so that we can see the great giant when they finally fall, completely unexpected. Back in those days it was tough to be an Atlanta Falcon, who's offense couldn't even win a scrimmage against their own defense.

So the concept of "parity' was instituted in the NFL. It is a pitiful attempt to bring equity among the teams. See, the richer owners put more money in their teams and signed better players, so the less rich owners were always getting beat. So they changed all of that, and now the goal seems to be to have a bunch of 8-8 teams competing for the super bowl. It was so boring this year that I didn't even watch it.

The dems are the same. They think it is evil to have a dynasty. They want the little guy to be given more and more advantages so that they can beat the big, bad, bully who has won 10 games in a row. The dems don't believe that it is GOOD to dominate and to win. They don't like winning, simply because by necessity, someone else loses.

Same with Iraq. Oh, I am not even sure they realize how wimpy they are. I think it has just been forced into their tiny little brains over the years that it is second nature. They don't like to win, and they want to spoil the fun for everyone else.

It is unfortunate that we aren't only talking about a football game. We are talking about the security of America. We are talking about beating an enemy who hates us. We are talking about an attitude that is rapidly becoming anti-American, INSIDE AMERICA! For some reason, nationalism has taken a backseat to "human rights" and "global citizenship".

On March 16, 1945, Admiral Chester Nimitz said "Among the men who fought on Iwo Jima, uncommon valor was a common virtue."

We have men of this caliber; men like Marine Captain Brian Chontosh. What we need are real men to step up and decide that we want 10 wins in a row. Mediocrity needs to once again become unacceptable.

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Good analogy! I loved the days of the NFL Dynasties and miss them.

Dems do not understand Capitalism nor free enterprise as a means of freddom for EVERYONE, regardless of means, ability or education to have the same opportunity as the next person to achieve.

If that achievement allows a financial, "dynasty, " that places one in better standing than another then they EARNED that right through hard work and enterprise.

Just like the dynasty teams that plyed better because they achieved a higher level of accomplishment in the NFL

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